46 Unique Farmhouse Kitchens Decorated With Rustic Style


Farm-style kitchens often feature timeless design elements. Traditional, timeless design makes the person feel comfortable. Classic good looks are a comfortable look that always catches the style. Sometimes is to twist a farmhouse kitchen design towards a sophisticated yet relaxed aesthetic. It is best to use wooden textures to make the walls worn or not touch them at all. It is also a good idea to include bench-style tables, and complementing them with stools will help you capture a stylish and sophisticated look. In addition, colorful pumpkins and dried flowers will look great on your table in a vintage vase.

Farmhouse kitchen designed in a wonderful rustic style, resolved as an island kitchen. Let’s start with a great ceiling with wood-coated metal beams, wood is a material we often see in rustic-style kitchens. white marble countertops, brown all-over cabinets and the wooden parquet used on the floor are all in harmony with each other. A complementary farmhouse kitchen is achieved by using rustic-style curtains just above the arch-shaped windows. leaving the walls white as they were was an appropriate decision. They have not forgotten to include open shelves and it has become a kitchen that works well with accessories. In addition, the lighting elements used in the ceiling have not been a suitable choice for this place.

We can say that the rustic style is the symbol of naturalness and comfort for decoration. Like the floors of such houses, the ceilings are made of wooden flooring. Soil and natural tones are used whenever possible. Unprocessed natural trees are generally preferred to achieve a natural appearance. In the kitchen, again, a table made of untreated raw wood is preferred. The lighting element attached to the wooden chain hanging right above the island kitchen is exactly complementary to this kitchen. Leaving the benches in white tones, besides the use of so much wood, a very good image was captured.

With patterned roller blinds that go best with wooden windows, daylight entering is a great choice for this rustic-style farmhouse kitchen. The island kitchen looks very beautiful with wooden details. The ceiling is tied with a chain of natural wood material hanging on the ceiling, and the ceiling with pans and pots is both a lighting and a logical choice for hanging kitchen items. A complementary look has also been achieved with the application of natural wood parquet on the floor. The accessory selections used on the counter and table and living plants are very suitable and compatible for this kitchen.

The place where the rustic home decoration type shows itself the most is the kitchens. Because the materials that are preferred both in the table and in the chairs; It gives a feeling of eating in nature. White tumbled chairs accompany this table with long natural wood veneered white legs. Dark wooden parquet was applied on the floor. In this kitchen with double door entrance, one is natural wood and the other is the most beautiful tone of green, and this kitchen is incredibly well-suited. The runner used on the table and the accessories used throughout the kitchen are in harmony with each other. leaving the walls in white tones has managed to draw attention to the wood.

There is something undeniably fascinating about rustic kitchens that you can find in old farmhouses. A table made of natural wood with the lower part used as a shelf, right in front of the metal hood in the background is incredibly beautiful. The accessories placed on the shelves have been made the most ideal choices for this kitchen decorated in a rustic style. The lighting elements hanging right above the table are made of aged metal and are a very good choice for this place. Metal open shelves on both sides of the stove are indispensable for farmhouse kitchens.

The details we often encounter in farmhouse kitchens decorated in rustic style are natural wood and applied parts. Here in the kitchen is a wooden table, which is fully laid out in gigantic dimensions. The accessories and plants on the table are also very well chosen. Wood veneer is also preferred for the cupboards in the kitchen. black metal handles are also used both in the drawers on the table and in the cabinets. Granite applied to the floor was preferred in small sizes and light tones. we cannot see the familiar use of natural wood parquet in this kitchen. With the pendant lighting on the table, a harmonious look has been achieved for this kitchen in general with the ceiling.

When the colors and materials are used correctly, it is possible to get very good results. In fact, it looks like a lot of material has been used, but since the places of application of all of them are correct, an eye-catching appearance has been captured. open shelves suspended in chains on the natural brick wall transformed from a classic kitchen into an incredibly beautiful rustic style kitchen. The lower cabinets, where shades of blue are applied, have created both color and texture and a pleasant space. The table made of natural wood is also the most suitable choice for this kitchen. The shelf at the bottom of the table also looks very useful.

I guess the most important element for a farmhouse kitchen decorated in a rustic style is how natural wood is reflected inside. In this kitchen, everything exactly begins and ends at the table. All the details on the table are incredibly beautiful. What a nice situation to set up pleasant tables on the table, even with a dedicated space for wine bottles. wooden stools were the most ideal products for this table. Sink planter on the table is also a pretty good idea. In addition, the selection of accessories on the table is in harmony with each other.

The houses decorated in modern rustic style are very popular now, leaving modern traces and combining them with old natural details and designing wonderful kitchens. like here .. natural white wooden cabinets are close to both modern and rustic style. The use of open shelves between the countertops is one of the features sought in such kitchens, both visually satisfying and very good in terms of use. The combination of light wood and gray color used on the table is very good and the wall lathing method applied right next to it is preferred to give this kitchen a rustic atmosphere.

The mosaics applied to the walls, the wooden beams on the sloping roof and the connection forms are quite eye-catching. It is nice to have the countertop right under the window. The part under the sink was left exposed and not so good in terms of appearance. it would have been more complementary. The wall mounted wooden table looks quite comfortable and beautiful to accommodate the crowded guests. Green pendant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling have been an ideal choice for this kitchen. Granites applied on the ground are not really an appearance we want. This style of kitchens is more beautiful when it is completed with natural wooden parquets.

We are faced with a rustic style farmhouse kitchen with huge wooden beams, natural tumbled cabinets, open shelves, and amazing colors. This kitchen is beautiful with its details. The wood-patterned parquet applied on the floor has been the most ideal choice for this place, as well as the most suitable choice in terms of form. The natural cork texture used on the table is magnificent. and the selected chairs with different designs were the best for this table and kitchen. The accessories used inside, the settlement forms are also in harmony with each other. In addition, the pendant chandelier is a choice that we can call rustic style.

This small table made of natural wood is functional. it is a powerful and interesting design element. Perfect for a modern, rustic or retro farmhouse look. The choice of application of colors is great. open shelves, even the arrangement of the dishes are in harmony. Using the ceiling functionally is an important detail. A ceiling application where you can hang both the lighting element and kitchen utensils will be very suitable for rustic-style kitchens. It was a very good idea to use a little green in this kitchen where wood tones are predominant.

This is an image we are used to in kitchens designed in rustic style. open shelves are often used very often. Therefore, it may seem a bit complicated, but with the right arrangement, it is possible to create very useful functional kitchens. the use of old natural wood tables and the fireplace look fabulous. The counter and sink located just below the window are well-resolved for this kitchen. Old-style granites, which we can hardly call new, were used on the floor and it was a very good choice to leave this texture as it is. Kitchen utensils hanging just above the table is a situation we usually see in rustic-style kitchens.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. And if you love to have people around, there is no better choice than farmhouse kitchen design. A farmhouse kitchen is synonymous with fun. Think plenty of seating around the kitchen island, rustic decor, a pile of food. When it comes to materials, it’s important to layer natural elements on your already neutral foundation. Lumber, especially the warmer varieties, is the most common choice for your furniture and countertops. This is a great choice because you can use it in both traditional and modern farmhouse kitchen designs. The use of wood on the ceiling on the walls is very well applied here. a long wooden table and surrounding accessories have been completed, making it an incredibly beautiful farmhouse kitchen.

Take a look at this farmhouse kitchen island! I love how it uses two completely different design styles to create a rustic yet modern look. The white cabinets and white stone countertop match the rest of the kitchen, while the dark wood panels match the flooring and add a rustic touch. Dark wood texture was used even on the hood, and there could not be a better option than this to capture this image. Glass vases and plants on the table also add a very fresh and stylish look to this kitchen. It is also a good choice not to use any color on the walls and leave it white.

How cool is this kitchen? Your typical farmhouse kitchen is full of color and character. And I love how the design combines different shades of blue. The bold, bright blue of the island and its harmony with the wood is amazing. The cabinets on the far side of the room have a dark wood color. And the timber adds much needed warmth. A rustic kitchen has been created, complete with tiny brown mosaics used between the countertops. The vibrant orange color of the sink basin adds a cheerful and colorful atmosphere to this place.

Adding fresh flowers to your kitchen is one way to instantly make it more rustic. I love how these colorful flowers are placed in all sorts of vases, from large white jugs to small potted plant holders. While you can use all kinds of flowers, colorful unstructured flowers and greenery always look best in this type of kitchen. I have always found the harmony of wood and glass very beautiful. The application of this table is very good, glass table wooden legs, a little colorful flowers, that’s it. The fact that the beams on the ceiling come up to the floor with wooden columns reflects this rustic kitchen style very well.

this is a very spacious rustic style farmhouse kitchen with high ceilings. A fairly long wooden table with close to yellow tones and accessories on it look good. The double pendant black metal lighting element right above the table is one of the details we want to see in rustic-style kitchens. There is hardly any use of upper cabinets in this kitchen, supported by open shelves and a few cabinets, and it also attracts attention with its wooden coating. In addition, the old style wall clock hanging on the wall became the star of this kitchen.

A good farmhouse kitchen should combine design styles. The first thing I noticed when looking at this picture is the different hanging lights. Those above the counter are indoor chandelier-style lights, and those above the dining table are hung in a light bulb compartment. So when it comes to designing your farmhouse kitchen, don’t be afraid to mix and match! island kitchens and cabinets in the form of timber almost unprocessed. At the same time, the application of brick on the walls has a complementary look. It is very good that the lighting elements are fastened and suspended from the ceiling beam.

This is one of the most stunning farmhouse kitchen designs I’ve ever seen. I love how it stands out against the counter with its honey-colored wood and all-white and black cabinet details. And the addition of black linked glass and ceiling lights adds a nice touch. I like the creative use of beams on the ceiling, it serves as lighting on the table and provides a sufficiently bright space. open shelves with black metal connections are used on both sides. Plants used on the table and counter are indispensable for rustic-style kitchens. The black stools used on the table also look very nice.

I found the island standing in the middle of the kitchen very well and it has a functional use for food preparation. we also see a long table in the back. wooden legged chairs and cushions covered in color were a very good choice for this kitchen. the white color of the walls combined with the warmth of the wood. live plants always feel good. It was used both on the table in a white vase and on the counter. The accessories used inside are a style that goes well with vintage and rustic kitchens.

The window surroundings, built in white with old stone walls, are magnificent. It looks great with the combination of old ceramics on the island in the middle and the wooden table top. The bar stools selected in brown tones have a perfect harmony. In the rustic-style kitchens, it is possible to get the result we want with a few simple touches. It would look much better if a few accessories were added on the table. Or if living plants were supported with colorful vases, a slightly fresher and lively kitchen would have been created.

One of the distinctive features of farmhouse kitchen design is that it uses open shelves with d├ęcor and kitchenware to showcase. And this kitchen is no exception. I especially like the island in the middle of the room. The design allows open shelves at one end where you can add bowls and everything else. And the area around the island is quite large – perfect for entertaining guests in the kitchen while you cook! white subway squares are the best choice for countertops and the remaining wall is covered with wood. It is a good idea to use pendant wood chandeliers as additional lighting.

Light up your modern farmhouse kitchen using lots of white like this one. I love that the cabinets, countertops and walls are all white, the deep green cabinets add a hint of color, and the brass hardware adds a warm glow. Complement this design with a bowl of fresh oranges and beautiful flowers or greenery in a vase. Also, the gray tone used on the island is one of the colors that suit white and wood. We cannot ignore the integrity of the wooden beams with the parts used in the walls that ensure continuity at home. Bright small-form tiles were preferred on the floor, and it became a detail befitting such kitchens.

While farmhouse kitchens are traditionally white with neutral accents, this breaks all the rules. The slick black open shelves look beautiful, especially paired with the table and ceiling where wood tones are applied. It is incredibly beautiful that the island meets this extraordinary green hue. This tone of wood and green suits each other very well, and at the same time, choosing an island with drawers is very good for storage. The daylight entering through the black molded doors opening to the outside has turned into a pleasant farm kitchen. Wouldn’t it be great to have your guests in this kitchen? Also, living plants on the island, brick walls, every detail has become a wonderful rustic style kitchen.

When it comes to materials, it’s important to layer natural elements on top of your already neutral foundation. Lumber, especially the warmer varieties, is the most common choice for your furniture and countertops. This is a great choice because you can use it in both traditional and modern farmhouse kitchen designs. The farmhouse style is an up-to-date trend that evokes the past in a modern way, using simplicity, design, colors and some materials. These elements combine to create a warm home atmosphere. You can also use the farmhouse style for a unique ambience. High ceilings with wooden beams and wooden floors are also very suitable for this style.

In this old style, the rustic design kitchen consists of very high ceilings and masonry stone walls. the walls look old and very beautiful, untouched. We see open shelves along the wall in the kitchen illuminated by the large window, very good idea for displaying kitchen utensils. It is very good that it has a wood texture up to the dark wood veneered cabinets handles. The outer surface of the L-shaped island is covered with white stone-like materials and the lower parts are completed with a wooden cabinet. shiny granites are preferred on the ground. Looking at the whole, a rustic style farmhouse kitchen was designed in harmony with each other.

Cut the warmth and intimacy wherever this gorgeous fireplace covered with stones is. Fireplace is not an image that we often see in kitchens, but if you have a rustic-style farm kitchen, the fireplace will be a very good choice. The island wooden table and gold are completely covered with black material and it looks very nice to have drawers. Just above the island, candles in a black metal frame are used as the lighting element. The glossy white material in the cabinets looks very harmonious with the whole kitchen. A complementary image is captured in the accessories used throughout the kitchen.

The colors that stand out in rustic design are white and cream colors. You can paint your walls, ceilings and furniture in white, ivory or light beige. These colors are great for creating a well-lit calm ambiance. You can also create a very nice harmony with light green and pastel gray colors that create a slight contrast. In this kitchen, both green and white are used together with dark woods. The locations of the open shelves and the accessories used in them are well placed. a wooden pendant chandelier was used from the ceiling and it is positioned exactly on the island. the kitchen looks both well lit and spacious.

I love how he uses two completely different design styles to create a rustic and vintage look. The white cabinets and white stone countertop match the rest of the kitchen, while the wooden beams and dark light shelves match the flooring and add a rustic touch. The location, tone, texture and size of the island are great for entertaining guests with pleasure. The stools selected in accordance with the island seem quite comfortable. Just above the island, it turns into a very bright kitchen with two pendant lighting elements. The vintage rugs laid just below the island add a magnificent detail with its texture and appearance.

This rustic-style farmhouse kitchen with full wooden details looks amazing. It has rustic design details throughout. It is a wonderful detail that the beams on the ceiling are made of natural wood and the column coming from the ceiling is connected to the dining table. It is good for the chairs to be preferred with natural wood texture to catch the harmony. The rugs laid on the floor are very harmonious in terms of both texture and color. We see that natural wood parquet is also used on the floor. What a clear and beautiful kitchen can be created without the need for any other color and texture.

We see an island with a large timber tray and a green cupboard, in fact, some of the colors and materials that best reflect the rustic style in terms of texture and color. The natural wooden beams left open on the ceiling provide a very complementary look in this high ceiling kitchen. The colorful mosaics used on the walls, but also on the back of the hearth, are in unbelievably beautiful harmony with the green on the island. Chandeliers resembling the old type gas lamp chosen as the lighting element were also the ideal choice for this kitchen. The accessories used in addition are made up of the best choices for this place.

In the photo, we see a magnificent village oven knitted into the kitchen. It also goes well with oven wall cladding covered with wood, a great option for rustic styling. The oven, which is initially placed in the middle, has used both the dead space and created a good location for the chimney. At the same time, the colors used in the kitchen are the most ideal choices for rustic style. pastel green cabinets are used on the island, and this green tone is also complemented by a wooden table. Spot lights were placed between the wooden beams on the ceiling to make the kitchen bright.

This kitchen, which has a rustic design that catches both the modern style but is quite dominant, looks heartwarming. We can say that it is one of the colors that best suits the light green wood in pastal tones and is one of the few rents that best reflect the rustic style. It is great that the lighting elements are attached to the beams passing through the ceiling and the chandeliers are exactly on the island. The green color was chosen in the island kitchen, and a wonderfully beautiful image was captured by adding a marble top. The green gingham patterns used on the chairs are incredibly beautiful. Also in your rustic-style kitchens you should definitely make room for vibrant green plants. They even decorate the window sills here are awesome.

natural wood cabinets up to the ceiling, the island kitchen in the middle and the stools that accompany it, these are the details we want to see in rustic style farmhouse kitchen houses. A good result was obtained by using mini mosaics in coffee tones between the countertops. The presence of both pendant and spot lighting on the ceiling adds a brighter atmosphere to the kitchen. A small amount of accessories were used in the kitchen. In fact, more of them could have been included, and even dried flowers could be added to the vases made of bamboo to create a more eye-catching design.

If you like finer things in life, you might like these metal lightings. I love how they change this large farmhouse kitchen from simple and clean to stylish and gorgeous. If you want to recreate this look yourself, add white to the wood for a dramatic effect or add black matte materials to add more light. how precious old wicker baskets are under this wooden island. A few natural wood stools around it and a great setting for pleasant conversations. In addition, you can do rustic style with vintage touches, this makes your kitchen more eye-catching than it is.

Just opposite the wall, open shelves were used on both sides of the wall, with a hearth in the middle and a fine line of marble behind it. By making a lath system inside the other exposed walls, it has been revealed how beautiful it can be to use several materials at the same time. Black and white rhombus granites were used on the floor and a vintage rug was laid right on it, and in fact, the rustic style was captured here. The big long old wooden table in the middle is quite magnificent and suits the kitchen very well. It is also great to have dried flowers lying on the table.

Light up your modern farmhouse kitchen using lots of white like this one. I love that the cabinets, countertops and walls are pure white, the wooden island adds a hint of color, and the metal hardware adds a cool glow. It’s a pretty good idea to complement this design with a bowl of fresh greens and beautiful flowers in a vase. Hanging kitchen utensils on the island has a functional and eye-catching effect. In rusitk-style kitchens, instead of using all the cabinets closed, leaving a few open or using open shelves is the ideal option to display your mugs or your favorite plates.

The way you use the island kitchen is exactly up to you. It is very common to have a wooden island kitchen in rustic style farm kitchens. It is also a good idea to use the island’s gold as a showcase here. The fact that it is made of glass and seeing your products has created an open shelf effect. We see wood used in dark tones both in drawers and cabinets. Besides, the walls look fine with the color scale supported by white and black hoods and kitchen utensils. It is incredibly beautiful with fresh oranges in a white bowl on the table and vibrant green plants in a vase.

We are in a very large farmhouse kitchen designed in a rustic style. The angular island kitchen does not have straight or rectangular forms, as we are used to. here we see a well-placed island kitchen with very good results according to the shape of the kitchen. It looks good on the brown cushioned stools with old white legs used around it. Coffee and wood tones are dominant in the cabinets and throughout the kitchen. The pendant chandeliers on the ceiling became an ideal choice for this kitchen. White candlesticks on the table are a good choice as accessories, they could be used even more.

We are faced with a heartwarming visual. The colors and hues used in connection with each other flow wonderfully. This small kitchen, which is exactly in a rustic style, includes both wood, white color and brick. It is very good that the open shelves are not forgotten, and at the same time, the cabinets are also included. The table in dark wood tones with kitchen foot details standing right in the middle and the vibrant colored fruits on it have brought life to this kitchen. Green paneling used in pastel tones on the walls is also a very good choice. In addition, it was striking to prefer wooden blinds instead of tulle on the windows.

The details in the rustic-style farmhouse kitchen with a high ceiling, wooden roof and wooden beams are wonderful. Glass pendant lights hung on beams, different forms and sizes of lighting have created a very powerful effect in this kitchen. Just below the lights, the white chairs are chosen around the foot details of the white island kitchen. Open shelves are also included, but mostly white bowls are used. The wood texture of the hood is an impressive result. The darker color of the wood used on the floors was chosen and these parquets fit well.

Imagine a kitchen where you display everything clearly without using any cupboards. whatever you want is at hand and this feeling must be magnificent. Here, it is possible to see all kitchen utensils, pots, glasses all very easily. Even hanging some of these items from the ceiling is another sensible option. You can place and use it in your kitchen as it is, to use old style large cubes or even your table to cut iron for another occasion, for example. However, it is always good to include a small amount of vibrant green plants for a heartwarming look.

Even if you do not add any color and texture to the wood, the places where it is applied will have a very warm and friendly appearance, even in the form of timber. Here it is applied as timber in all cabinets. The preference of black metal in the handles is one of the tones that best suit the wood. The stools in chocolate tones used in the island kitchen are appetizing and look great. This is another detail that best reflects the rustic style, which is used in the triple lighting element on the island kitchen, wrapped in black metal with rope. This farmhouse kitchen in rustic style looks pretty complementary overall. by the way, who wouldn’t feel good to see live green plants in the kitchen ..


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