32 Modern Living Room Design Ideas From Different Countries


Perfect harmony of natural wood and metal

One of the places where we spend the most time at home is undoubtedly our living rooms. We want to be in style with comfort. this visual reflects exactly that. The harmony of gray and wood is very nice. we can see the size and comfort of the sofa. wooden wall covering created a very warm and friendly atmosphere. The TV is completed by hanging, and the furniture in black tones just below complement each other. The use of wood and black materials in the middle table is one of the complementary and eye-catching details for this place. Instead of the black chandelier chosen only as a lighting element, a more modern choice could be made in wood tones.


You can add vitality and peace to your living room with natural plants

With the choice of furniture, a very simple selection was made. colors and textures seem in harmony with each other. especially the pillows used on the sofa provide a comfortable space to relieve the tiredness of the whole day. The mirror hanging on the wall just behind the sofa was not a suitable choice for this living room. I can say that the rustic curtain selection black material floor lamp was my favorite part of this room and in addition, the choice of middle coffee table is also very good. The living plants we add to our living spaces are definitely among the details that change the aura of the human being.


The modernity of the open shelving unit and the perfect harmony of wood

The details of this beautiful living room designed close to the rustic design are very eye-catching. The colors and textures used in the furniture and the settlements are fine. I think the focal point in this living room is the center table. The most beautiful form of wood and black with really incredibly beautiful details came to life in this coffee table. The wood texture quality is amazing. The open shelves at the back and the accessories placed inside created a lively and friendly space. I think dark wood parquet was used on the floor and perfection was achieved with the carpet in light brown tones.


The choice of accessories is a very important issue for a modern living room

This living room is both modern and small and very stylishly decorated. tons of colors used are hidden with details that will allow you to have a calm day without straining the eyes. The color harmony in the furniture is very nice that the coffee table is simple but complementary. The paintings on the wall are really nice details. The carpet used on the floor is also an ideal choice for this living room. The accessories used are also very suitable and harmonious for this place in terms of color and style.


Daylight, living plants and a comfortable seat is the comfort everyone is looking for

In fact, this is not a very designed living room. looks pretty ordinary. a comfortable sofa and a TV right opposite. wooden tv bottom used to store excess items. It is also an interesting detail that the middle coffee table is made of glass. Furniture that is not very compatible with each other is preferred. The only good thing is the sunlight and the living plants are the best details in this living room.


It is possible to change the mood of your living room with frames in different forms used on the Wall

In this living room, we see furniture and details selected with the same tones. In fact, not all rooms with tons of tone are eye-catching, but in this living room, there are many details on the wall and the open shelves next to it. simplicity is always the first thing we need to deal with, more furniture and accessories can be abstracted from the room we are in after a while. We can see that the sofa is comfortable and it is nice to be supported by small pillows. nice in accessories on the middle coffee table. Maybe if the paintings used on the wall were not so dense and if the accessories used on the open shelf were reduced a little, a calm and stylish living room would be created.


Dark walls and frames are eye-catching

Using calm colors in the living room is a very good choice. especially the gray applied to the wall and its shades are among my favorite choices. In the living room here, we see a gray wall with little shelves and paintings on it. It adds a very warm and friendly atmosphere. It is also a good idea to choose L-type furniture, which saves space and is very comfortable. It is very harmonious with the carpet used on the open wood floor, but I cannot say the same for the coffee table. it was not a very suitable choice for this living room. and the puff in light beige tones is also very nice.


A Cozy Living Room With Two Distinctive Shades

We can experience the power of colors in this living room. We can decorate our living space both stylishly and very well without using white walls in many accessories. cornered windows, no curtains, daylight coming inside, a small but comfortable sofa where you can relieve all the tiredness of the day is a room that is really designed for needs. and the color of the blanket on the sofa is incredibly beautiful and heartwarming. The form, color and wood quality of the middle table are also very good. In addition, the tone of the carpet used on the floor could be chosen in slightly lighter tones.


You can create a great space with a comfortable seat and modern accessories

A small but well decorated living room. modern furniture is preferred. L-type sofas are a savior for small rooms. and a very comfortable sofa type at the same time. It becomes the most beautiful corner to relieve the tiredness of the day with plenty of pillows. the middle table was chosen as a small form and became a complementary product with black material. A nice view is obtained with the paintings used on the wall where the TV is located.


Just one colorful sofa is worth changing everything

We see a very spacious living room with brick walls and high ceilings. An emerald green sofa chosen color is magnificent. in harmony with the two accompanying chairs. An open shelf unit is chosen for the TV stand. nice in accessories used on open shelves. The preferred product for the middle table is the most suitable choice for this living room.


That’s it for a Scandinavian style rug and an L-style sofa

Living rooms with open kitchens are popular examples of living spaces. L-type furniture is frequently chosen in such rooms. It is both comfortable and benefits from space. A small wooden coffee table is a chosen good choice for snacking while drinking coffee. White walls are ideal for a calm environment. The rug used on the floor was a really good choice. The advantages of the open kitchen are that you do not stay away from chatting with your friends or family while you are preparing something or cooking.


More accessories and plenty of pillows for comfort

The furniture and colors used in small living areas are very important. The use of sultry colors and large furniture makes the existing room even smaller. Here, it is necessary to design the small room both comfortable and in the most comfortable way. The choice of open shelves is positioned very well to the wall and does not take up space. Although the middle table is a bit big for this area, it is still a harmonious and beautifully detailed choice. In addition, the color of the berjer became the best shade chosen for this living room.


Spacious and bright modern living rooms

We are faced with a spacious living room. but the furniture and the sitting area are not positioned correctly here. Since the area is large, the dark color of the furniture selection is not noticeable. Because the two windows and the incoming daylight make this room bright and spacious enough. Two berjers could be placed in front of the window, and a single sofa could be placed in front of the left-hand showcase, and a TV unit could be placed. The tables used are very beautiful and harmonious. it was just a poorly settled living room in terms of location. Apart from that, the furniture and accessories chosen are very successful.


Great example for dividing the dining area and living room

This living room can be one of all the visuals that come to mind when it comes to modern design. Both the furniture used and the accessories chosen were selected in accordance with the modern style. the living room and the dining room are in the same place. a large sofa and a marble-faced wall opposite that used as a TV unit are very harmonious. The black textured carpet on the white large granites on the floor is very beautiful. The modernity of the dining table shows how successful the choices are inside. And another important detail in a living room is the curtain used here and the width of the windows are very good. In addition, the spot lights used and the modern lighting element on the dining table are in harmony with each other.


White and its shades are both simple, comfortable and stylish

In this small living room where we cannot see too many details, the L-type seat was chosen. Both the walls and the armchair are white in the same tone, making it a suitable choice for small rooms. The colors of the cushions used on the sofa could have been a little more varied and would be both color-added and complementary and attractive. If the two tables used on the wall were in the same tones and the frames were chosen in a darker wood tone, a better appearance would be obtained.


Blue and its shades are always good. It adds calmness to every area used

Color is a very important detail for a room for a house, in fact, as you go into detail in this living room where only gray tones are predominant, the blue and tones used inside are interspersed very nicely and it is no longer a monotonous living room. The tables used on the wall and the accessories are very compatible. The pillows on the sofa provide a comfortable sitting area. The harmony of the accessories used in the room is very nice.


The wooden coffee table is enough to warm the living room

A living room that is both small and modernly decorated. The colors of the furniture chosen are very compatible with each other. Although both white colors and white walls look like a monotonous design, these are the details necessary to make small rooms look more spacious. The size of the windows is an advantage. It is very nice to have a wooden coffee table, but a smaller coffee table with a slightly larger size would be a more suitable choice for this room.


A scandinavian style rug, a round mirror and a comfortable sofa everything is that simple

Tidy clean and spacious living room. there are no tiring details. There is nothing better than coming home and spending all the tiredness of the day relaxing on the sofa. The choice of center table and side table is very modern and harmonious. Although the dark wooden parquet on the floor is not very suitable for this modern living room, the carpet laid on it is quite ideal for this place. A complementary look is captured with the accessories used.


Wooden parquet is the perfect choice for a white living room

We are faced with a large room designed as both a living room and a dining room. The white walls and the lack of curtains made the interior both spacious and bright. The sitting area and the dining area are well separated. The part used as a living room might have been a coffee table. A coffee table or a side table is one of the most needed furniture while eating and drinking. The fact that living spaces are more comfortable makes life easier for people who use it. The small details can actually be quite important.


Three primary colors bring joy wherever it is applied

A small colorful and cute living room is designed. A very comfortable area was designed with floor cushions in front of the window. These cushions are one of the creative solutions in small rooms for crowded guests. the choice of wall color, the choice of sofa and cushion colors are all in harmony with each other. The open shelf coffee table with living plants is nice, but not very compatible with the side table. If a furniture in the side table material were preferred, a more harmonious appearance would be obtained. and the colorful rug used on the floor was the ideal choice for this place.


Live plants should be more in our living areas

A living room designed in an older style. It is both a large and spacious room in square meters. Although the furniture chosen is not very suitable for the modern style, the colors and textures are in harmony with each other. The wooden parquet on the floor is beautiful in tone, but the carpet in gray-black tones on it is not a suitable choice for this place. Rutik curtain selection is not really suitable with furniture and accessories. the middle coffee table is compatible with the furniture, but it is not a modern style product.


All in one but separate

The combination of dining area and sitting area is a popular situation that is preferred very often. because the users no longer want to be away from the environment to chat while cooking. This living room, where white and wood tones are used, is covered with beautiful details. comfortable sofas tv location accessories in a whole and harmony. The gray wall surface and the paintings used on the wall to the right add color to this room. it is no longer a monotonous living room. it has become an ideal living room to spend a pleasant time at the end of the day.


Just a colorful vintage style rug can change everything

We are in a studio-style room. bedroom living room and dining area all in one. such small and compartmentalized areas save space and allow you to handle every task without wasting time. The striking detail in this room, where we see modern touches, is the old type of carpet on the floor. This carpet is not quite right to be used in such modern rooms. The harmony of the furniture in the parquet dining area is very nice. Defining the seating area with an L-type seat is quite successful.


Open shelves applied to the wall provide a great advantage for small spaces

One of the rooms where we spend the most time is the living room. design comfort is one of the most important details. Because the place where people relieve all their tiredness is the place where they feel most comfortable. A modern designed living room can be both stylish and comfortable. like here. white walls, a comfortable sofa, a small coffee table and the color choices are quite good. The lack of lighting is obviously the biggest loss here. If a chandelier compatible with the black material center table was preferred, it would be a complete room. In addition, the accessories used inside are very successful and compatible.


This trio of metallic black, wood and white is perfect

Although we cannot call it a living room, we see a room where the living area and the bedroom are together. it was a small but useful area. If a separator was placed on the side of the bedroom, two independent spaces would be created. The armchair in the living area looks comfortable and the color choice is compatible for this room. the middle coffee table was used for wood and it was completed using a colored clay just below it.


Frames hung randomly on the wall are the real beauty

Sitting areas in front of such large windows are truly enormous. It is great to see the view as it is and watch it on a comfortable sofa. It has become an ideal area to relieve the tiredness of the day, which opens up the heart of people and calms people in the selected colors. a small gray sofa right in front of it, a coffee table that matches the furniture and the paintings on the wall harmonize. In addition, the rug in harmony with the room in gray tones laid under the coffee table was the most suitable choice for this place.


It is possible to make your small living rooms comfortable

it has become both a stylish, modern and comfortable small living room. The L-type sofa placed in front of the windows is one of the most preferred furniture for small rooms. It is very nice that the paintings used on the wall are gold detailed. There is also a small desk and the selected chair is the most suitable choice for both modern and this room in terms of model and form. The carpet laid on wooden parquet added warmth to the room. The side table right next door is one of my favorites. In addition, not using curtains on the windows has been a good choice for interior lighting.


Wood and brown tones always invite you to a cozy living room

We are in a room where both the living room and the dining area are together. A simple and cozy room was designed in which wooden tones are used predominantly. Although the furniture choices are not very comfortable, especially the leather sofa is not a very good choice for both summer and winter. But apart from that, the used TV unit chairs are quite successful. Even though the carpet used under the dining table is old-fashioned, its effect on this room is huge in terms of color and texture.


The harmony of colors is important for you and the area you live in

When it comes to living room, comfortable sofas, a TV unit and a coffee table are actually the first ones that come to mind. The two sofas we see in the room here, which do not seem very comfortable, the coffee table in the middle seems to have all the deficiencies, but both color, texture and visual are quite lacking. This is not a very small room. larger sofas could be used in lighter tones. but the color of the side table and the lampshade on it are really the most beautiful pieces in this room. The rug used on the floor is also suitable and harmonious. Another piece of furniture could be preferred as a middle table.


Candles are indispensable for decoration

This visual may best exemplify the unique harmony of gray and white. The gray surface used on the wall, the round big mirror that complements it, and the small mirror next to it, add depth to this living room. L-type sofa in gray tones is used in the living room with modern details. Pillows in white and gray tones look very comfortable. middle table selection is also very successful. a simple yet stylish modern room designed that does not strain the eye. Even the harmony of the carpet on the floor and the parquet on the floor is magnificent. A room with style and comfort that anyone could want.


Pillows, seat covers and candles. What else can you want?

I wish it was this living room that welcomes me from work or from outside. It was designed both peaceful and comfortable and at the same time modern. accessories, candles, mirrors, places of use and forms are very stylish and eye-catching. also a room with a dining area. The furniture chosen and the coffee table selection are in harmony with each other. The lamp, which is preferred as a lighting element, has become the ideal choice for this living room in terms of color and form.


Poufs make sense to make room for more people

It has become a modern living room where mainly white and beige tones are used. The hidden spots on the ceiling illuminated the interior quite well. the chosen furniture looks good in terms of color texture and comfort. Especially the coffee table selection is in harmony with the accessories on it. In addition, the two small fluffy white poufs just next door, I think this room was the most intimate area. Although the accessories used on both walls are not very compatible, they are very nice choices if we take them as one. The shiny granites used on the floor are nice, but the carpet laid on it is too pale and discolored for this living room.


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