Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas: 31 Inspirational Photos


You have a small kitchen and you want to design it in a modern way? If you have prepared your budget well, then we would like to offer you 31 suggestions. Look at the luxury and modern renovations made in the small bathrooms of different countries. Bathtub, toilet bowl, faucet, sink, mirror, or lighting system, such as some of the items may attract your attention. Although small, if you want to have a useful and modern bathroom, you need to review many examples.

Although this bathroom is small, a spacious bathroom is designed with daylight and colors used. The parquet-like ceramics used on the wall have added modernity in color and texture. the size of the bathtub used could have been slightly smaller or the shower cabin would have been preferred. If a modern product with a reservoir embedded in the wall was chosen instead of the selected toilet bowl, it would make the area more comfortable. and in addition, a chrome unit could be placed for toilet paper, it would be more comfortable for the user.

The spots used on the ceiling and the floor have been illuminating enough
An under-sink cupboard is an essential unit for every bathroom, making it an ideal choice for storing towels and similar products. The choice of ceramic used in the shower cabin was complementary to being in brown tones. It would be more comfortable for the user to have the glass pane used in the shower cabin to be fully closed. and in addition, the curtain used in the ventilation window was the ideal choice for a bathroom.

The modernly designed bathroom has a cubic design, while the mirror’s elliptical has been surprisingly complementary and inspiring. Although the preferred colors in the bathroom seem complicated, they are self-defining. The green tone of the ceramic inside the bathtub and the colors of the marble-like ceramics used in other walls are very harmonious. The choice of furniture sink is also very successful. The closet with a built-in reservoir is a very good example to benefit from the space. The closet that ends up to the ceiling and the shelf placed between them were visually complementary.

The combination of ceramics used in this small bathroom created a more spacious bathroom. The glazed partition used in the shower cabin could also save more space if a sliding selection was made instead of the door. The blue tone preferred on the wall is perfect for both plain and ceramics. The location of the chrome towel rack is also ideal for this bathroom. The small ventilation window in the shower enclosure absorbs daylight very well, an important detail in such small bathrooms.

The first thing that attracts attention in this bathroom is the window, a curtain is needed in terms of privacy. white and shades add simplicity and refreshment. It was both a modern and elite bathroom. This bathroom, which has both a shower and a bathtub, created options for the user. The niche used on the wall on the shower side was creative and useful. The glass panel is a nice separator unit to separate from the sink. In addition, the preferred sink with furniture and cupboard looks great. If the ceramic preference used on the floor was slightly larger, a truly integral bathroom would have been created.

The difference in denim used in the section with a bathtub was very creative for this bathroom. monochrome colors are ideal for a simple and elite design. If the wall ceramics and tiles used in the floor were chosen the same, a more complementary and rich environment would be obtained. It is nice to have the niche shelf in the wall designed as a shelf. In addition, small but functional cupboards are very nice. The size of the mirror used was chosen to make the bathroom look spacious. it may be necessary to increase the number of spots used as lighting.

The same ceramics used on the floors and walls added good depth to this bathroom.
The location of the cabin, closet and sink in the shower is both useful and space-saving. it is exactly this kind of design that should be in such small bathrooms.
The preference of the mirror without frame also provided continuity. LEDs used behind the mirrors and spotlights used on the ceiling seem to be sufficient for lighting. The wall hanging of the sink is visually well designed. The small accessories used on the sink also gave it a very elegant and at the same time stylish look.

The size of the bathtub is one of the first noticeable details in this bathroom with an old period design. Although the glazing method used on the wall is not very suitable for the bathroom, it was complementary in terms of color preference. The daylight coming from the window is sufficiently illuminating, but there is no lighting element outside used on the sink inside, this was not a good choice for this bathroom. The accessories used in the bathroom were complementary to the design of that period. And in addition, the choice of curtains does not seem very harmonious in color, a product with more soft colors could be preferred.

In this small bathroom, the position of the sink is well resolved under the window. A more spacious environment has been created with daylight entering the width of the window. Perhaps this small bathroom would have been a more spacious bathroom if a shower cabin of 90 * 90 dimensions had been dissolved instead of a bathtub. Although the furniture sink solution seems useful, the number of cabinets has narrowed this area again. The tone of the ceramics used in the wall is nice, but it is not compatible with the gray parquet looking tiles on the floor.

It has been remarkable to use mirrors differently in form and size in this bathroom. I see that the sink is chosen as a form for this bathroom. It is nice for the user that the battery is next to the sink. however, the ceramics on the sink should have continued to the mirror. in this way it was an unfinished design. The gray tone wall color used on the wall feels continuity, and at the same time, the opening of the window shows that it gets enough light. In addition, the exposure of water pipes is not an eye-catching detail. camouflaging creative solutions.

In this small bathroom, the closet and sink are dissolved in the same place, which is an ideal choice for small bathrooms. The area where the bathtub is positioned is nice, but a separator is needed. a glass material or mica can be used. In general, gray tones dominate the wall and floor. The size of the ceramics used on the wall surface is very good, but the tiles used on the floor are small. If larger-scale tiles were chosen, a more spacious area could be created. In addition, the window needs a bathroom curtain, for privacy.

In this small bathroom in the harmony of choice of colors and materials used. Although it is small, it has a spacious and modern design. The ceramics used in black tones are amazing. The small size of the bathroom does not prevent the use of accessories. these little touches made it look better than they were. The selection of plants is also very compatible. daylight from the window illuminated enough inside. and the curtain used in the window is also very beautiful in color and texture. maybe mirror selection can be revised. The oval form mirror does not look very harmonious.

The first detail that stands out in this small bathroom with a complex look was the curtain used in the bathtub. The fact that the colors used are not very close to each other in tons, made this bathroom a little bad. The shade used in the mirror could be used in the interior areas. This shade of green is sufficient to design a spacious environment. The wood selected under the sink looks fine, but a cupboard can be preferred to avoid clutter.

In this small bathroom with modern design, very nice solutions have been produced for the user. placing the mirror on the sink and the ceiling created a nice depth. positioning the sink between the column and the sidewall is another nice solution. The harmony of the colors used is also successful. The fact that the ceramics used on the floors and walls are exactly the same size gave this bathroom a width. The choice of the closet with a built-in reservoir and the shelf used in the wall are very elegant. It was a good choice to show small accessories.

The touches in this modern bathroom are excellent. ceiling height is an example of how the rectangular areas show larger. The closeness of the toilet to the ceiling and the fragmented and blurry mirrors that continue during it are enormous. Even the bathroom curtain used in the window is modern. and the daylight, which gets in enough, is supported by the spotlights on the ceiling in the evening. The floor of the sink, which continues up to the wall, has been in harmony without creating a mess even without its closet. the tone and application of the colors is also fine.

The use of wood tones made this small bathroom warm and modern. The placement of the bathtub closets and sinks is fine. Maybe if a divider was used, the bathtub and the toilet would have been separated.
The mirror selection and the shelf that continues behind the mirror end up with the shelf is enormous. The same use of all ceramics on the wall created a spacious and elite bathroom. I think the most remarkable detail in this bathroom is the selection of the battery elements in black. A complementary design was obtained with the mosaics used on the ground.

The first thing we encounter in this bathroom is the bathtub and the curtain surrounding it. I think the shower curtain is not good in terms of hygiene, but this bathroom was complementary. Although the feet used in the tub are not modern, the ceramics and slats used on the wall have been a modernist work. The chrome detail framing the radiator is well thought out. In addition, the ceramics we see on the floor are not modern pieces.

It has become an eye-catching bathroom designed with colors used in shades of gray and white. The divider element used in the tub looks functional. The choice of sink is not very suitable for this modern bathroom. If a selection with a built-in reservoir was used as a toilet, more space would be used. The good position of the window made the daylight inside quite sufficient. The accessories used in the tub have added color to the environment and have a complementary look.

This modern bathroom design which is mainly used in dark blue color looks really nice. The bathtub solution on the opposite wall and the shelves on the wall were useful for the user. The choice of sink is fine. For a washing machine that was exposed, it would have been a cleaner and more elite look if a closet under the sink was made. Lighter shades could be preferred for this bathroom, which added dark to the dark blue tiles used on the floor. The wallpaper used behind the mirror was an ideal choice for this bathroom in terms of texture and color.

The conical sink used in this modern bathroom is the focal point. If a dividing element was placed between this conical sink and the bathtub, two defined areas would be obtained. The ceramic selections on the walls are good in form but they are a little distant from each other in color tones. and in addition, I think the chrome towel rack seems to be needed for the user. The form of the preferred mirror would have been more complimentary if it had the same form as the kitchen sink. It was a small but nice solution for the mini shelf bathroom items used on the bathtub side.

This bathroom, which attracts attention from the plants hung on the ceiling, is inspired by nature. It is nice to leave the preferences to the user in this bathroom which has both a bathtub and a shower. the window frame being in black tones was a dominant image. opposed to the generally used soft colors. In addition, the color of the cabinet used under the sink could also be a lighter shade of wood. The color and form of the ceramic used on the floor look good enough. In my opinion, if a little more natural environment is desired, some more plants can be added to the ceiling, or it can be in the sink area.

This bathroom, which does not use any ceramic except the walls outside the shower cabin, is truly enormous. The walls were white and the skirting was finished with black. The choice of wall-hung mirrors and sink are really good. The cabinets defined under the sink and the shelves in black tones left underneath are exquisite. The shower enclosure is designed as a defined area. In addition, the fact that towel racks are selected in chrome and towel colors in black and white tones reflect the harmony in this bathroom. The shape and size of the ceramic-mosaics used on the ground became the most suitable choice.

A small bathroom in a minimalist and modern style. The region and pattern selection where the wallpaper is applied is very successful. The depth gained by the mirrors, the refreshing effect of the cabin on the glass shower and other design elements are important factors in the emergence of a successful design.
modern small bathroom

The color choices are soft in this small modern bathroom. transitions in light wood tones are also harmonious. The positioning of the bathtub sink and closet so close does not seem very comfortable for the user. If the sink preference was not a cupboard but a unit that continued with the pipe instead, more space could be opened. The use of wall-mounted mirrored cabinets on the sink is nice and adds depth. and putting a separator in the tub could create a different sense of space in this small modern bathroom. In addition, the shower faucet and the sink faucet are perfectly fine in a single pipe.

Different perception of space is designed in this small modern bathroom where dark tones are used. At first, it was inconspicuous, but with care, the low-permeate separator for the shower cabin next to the toilet created a new space.
with parquet-like ceramics now used in wet floors
the modernist atmosphere created. The choice of sink has a drawer, which has minimized the mess. Spots used on the ceiling were sufficient for lighting. The large size of the mirror has created the perception that this bathroom is wider and deeper. maybe small shelves on the mirror would be more useful for soap and other accessories.

In this modern bathroom, the tone tones used have provided continuity. It is nice that the ceramics used in the bathroom walls and the ceramics continuing in the bathtub have the same form in dimensional and shape. The sink was designed right under the window and it has a closet. but the fact that the mirror and the window were not proportionally the same was the only negative side in this bathroom.

This modern bathroom with dark tones looks beautiful as a design. if we go into detail; It was a good idea to leave the shower enclosure with a glass partition door. different space perception is provided. transforming the niches used in the inner wall of the cabin into a shelf is a creative and useful solution. Parquet-like ceramics, which are preferred on the floor, made this area more spacious. In addition, the selection of mirrors and the harmony with the sink are also very nice. Perhaps the color of the battery used in the sink could be chosen in black tones.

A modern bathroom with heartwarming colors welcomes us. The gray tone used in the furniture is incredibly harmonious. The ceramics used only on the walls of the bathtub are preferred very beautiful in form and shape. Instead of choosing the old type of toilet seat, a more modern toilet seat could be preferred, it would be a good choice with a built-in reservoir. Appliques chosen as lighting would be more modern. but the harmony with the mirror is still nice. The selection of the over-the-counter top in white tones is also very good and harmonious.

I can not say that it is very modern in design for this small bathroom. because the products used are not very modern. For example, the choice of rustic curtains used on the window. The fact that the tub part is covered with a shower curtain is not very suitable for a modern design. However, the preference of the sink and mirror is very good. the shelves on the toilet bowl are also nice to avoid clutter.

The details are very beautiful in this bathroom, which is really tiny. The lath used from the walls to the ceiling made it look deep and spacious. The choice of sink is very nice as a form, but another solution could be produced so that the water pipes do not appear. The wicker basket just below adapted to the environment as a texture. In addition, the selection of the ceramics used in the ground is white, making it very spacious. the mirror and the accessories standing on the ledge just below completed this bathroom.

In this bathroom, where accessories are first noticeable, the colors are very pleasant to use. Choosing the toilet seat was an old model, could be chosen more modern. I think the cupboard under the sink was added later, the gap between them does not look very stylish. Preferred ceramic tiles and bath rugs on the floor are chosen very well for the environment. The use of small plants has also added color. In addition, the ceramics used on the wall surfaces seem a bit complicated.


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