27 Designs that can inspire those who want to remodel kitchen cabinets in a rustic style


The use of wood in this kitchen has created a very warm environment. The continuity of the beams passing through the ceiling and the column in the same wooden tones ensured continuity. The part I especially liked was the cooker. its location and solution is very creatively designed. In this area, which has been solved as an island kitchen, the back of the colon remains dead area. Although the small spots used in the ceiling give a little modern air, the bulbs hanging on the ceiling indicate that it is a rustic design. and the use of wood on the floor has been perfectly matched.

The dreamlike term would be very suitable for this kitchen design. the carvings at the feet of the wooden table and the chair choices that accompany it are in harmony. The white colors used in all areas have created a very spacious and very elite place perception. The lighting preference positioned right on the table is also perfectly selected. The open shelves used on the right wall are a reflection of the rustic design. and the accessory choices used in this kitchen are very harmonious and carefully selected. The carpet and texture in light tones preferred on dark grounds are magnificent.

This untreated wood placement used on wall surfaces on a slightly sloping roof is very beautiful. It will be more comfortable for the user to change the location of the oven with the kitchen sink. Considering that we spend most of our time in the kitchen, we have to produce more useful solutions. therefore, the under-window kitchen sink solution will be more suitable for the user. The choice of cabinets and shelves in white tones is fine. Again, wooden floors used on the floor provided continuity.

The green tone used in cabinets that stand out in this rustic kitchen, which is solved as an island kitchen. The presence of glazed partitions in green cabinets brought this kitchen out of the ordinary. especially the handles used in the cabinet are in gold color and the form is very harmonious. The marble used on the countertops and walls does not seem very harmonious, a choice could be made in wood tones for the sake of continuity. The wooden floors used on the floor look very nice texturally and formally. In addition, the applique hanging just above the oven is incredibly beautiful.

I think these cabinets, which are very remarkable, have become this after some kind of heat applied to wood. The leather detailed handles used in the cabinets look different and stylish. however, the mosaics used on the wall were not very compatible in color and form, and the mosaics in this rustic kitchen where wood tones were used should be chosen in the same shades or it could continue with wooden laths. The window and kitchen sink solution makes sense. The appliques used on the windows are also selected in accordance with the rustic design.

For this kitchen, we wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was simply rustic designed. The choice of tables is amazing. The color matching form of bar stools is really awesome. even window frames are supported with wooden details. The wooden bars used on the ceiling gave the appearance of a suspended ceiling and the preference of the lighting passing through them was very harmonious for this kitchen. The location of the kitchen sink will also be perfect to use the sink when looking through these spacious windows, which are placed very successfully. In addition, the choice of hoods is again made of wood shades. only the colors and handles used in cabinets are not very suitable for this kitchen.

This kitchen integrated with nature looks amazing. It looks great to have a pitched roof and reflect it as a form. The wooden beams on the ceiling and the wooden texture used on the ceiling added continuity. The openings used on the walls and the details of the wooden windows became a kitchen with a calming nature. The island is designed as a kitchen and the lighting that is put in the middle is very harmonious. The fact that the dining table is in a separate place has created a different perception of space. In this rustic kitchen where wood tones are used, it is harmonious to use only white in cabinets.

This rustic kitchen with warm tones has design details that open up to you.
a small but logical kitchen. One of these is to be solved as an island kitchen. Both leather bar chairs were placed and at the back, there was room for crowded groups with tables and chairs. In order to achieve a refreshing and heartwarming appearance, the use of plants in the kitchen must be absolute. I think that plant in a copper vase looks incredibly beautiful. The chandelier, which is preferred for lighting, has been selected exactly for this kitchen. In addition, another color texture or ceramic could be preferred on the wall where the oven was located.

This rectangular kitchen, L settlement has been very successful. A warm and friendly kitchen is designed with gray and wooden tones used in cabinets. It is very harmonious that the wood used on the floor and the table has the same shades. The accessories used in open shelves add harmony. In addition, the different textures and colors used on the wall surfaces are a bit complicated. The choice of mosaic placed behind the oven and under the hood is very nice, but it has left it incomplete to be used in a single point.

I guess this kitchen is the place where wood and white match best. The location and window opening of the kitchen sink and the wooden cabinet under it were incredibly beautiful. The applique, which is preferred as lighting, is also very beautiful in color and form. Open shelves used on the walls are one of the most suitable details for the rustic kitchen. There is no unnecessary detail in the kitchen, it looks quite spacious, clean and bright. Perhaps, the shade of wood used on the floor would have been a bit darker, and a completed design would have been achieved.

In this rustic kitchen with wooden details, the walls are made of white wood and added continuity in design. we see that the ceiling is full wood and continues on the beams with the same material. The most important feature of rustic style kitchens is that natural products are predominant. We see the natural textures of wood a lot; because wood is raw and unprocessed is the most prominent feature. The reason why the rustic style kitchen is the trend stems from the fact that everything in the world is affected by the return to nature. In this kitchen, a place with similar examples was designed.

The materials used in the kitchens without any change and processing are selected in rustic style designs. The bar table made from these natural stones is exactly one example. there are details supporting the design in the neutral colors used here. Although the spotlights used on the ceiling are not very suitable here, the suspended hanging lighting on the bar table is a good example.

In rustic design, handmade products, objects made from natural products such as rattan or wicker, natural and textured textile products are frequently used. it is possible to see them in the kitchen here. The pallets used as shelves and wicker baskets placed on it look amazing. Maybe if this modern oven was put in place of a cooker, it would be perfectly perfect.

Contrast was created using different textures. The choice of mosaic used on the floor is a feature sought in a rustic kitchen. The wood used in the kitchen counter is a must. This kitchen, where little modern details are included, is one of the examples we can see in rustic design. This kitchen with open shelves offers useful solutions.

A rustic kitchen design with an industrial cooking space welcomes us. the exposed brick wall is awesome. With the aging method, both the texture of the wood has been changed and the color has reached an enormous appearance. The island is solved in the form of a kitchen and is placed in the middle of the kitchen, which is also used as a table. nice to have the lighting right on the table. actually, when used together with metal and wood, this kind of rustic kitchens comes out.

The most important feature of rustic style are raw wood items. It would not be wrong to say “without wood” for the rustic style, in which there is plenty of wood in every detail. There are many elements in rustic style with natural, classical, industrial and modern traces. Although there is wooden material used in the cabinets that stand out, the whiteness of the walls and the metallicity of the electronic devices have been fully complementary.

Looking at this magnificent kitchen design, which draws attention with the use of modern items, will be enough to understand another dimension of rustic design. We see a kitchen with a U shape. The brick wall on the opposite side is an excellent choice for this kitchen. Open shelves and accessories used in white color fixed to the wall are in integrity. In addition, the use of spotlights has been very convenient.

In this design, solid wood details, industrial kitchen equipment and brick decors add rustic elements to the style, while a modern line is captured with smooth surfaces. Integrity is ensured with the wood detailing used on the sloping roof and brick-like ceramics continuing on the wall. It is also a good idea to solve the island kitchen with the difference of elevation, it is creative to separate the session part and the sink. Everything is in harmony with each other, from the lighting used to the bar chairs.

An old-style kitchenette with no color other than the kitchen sink, and an area covered with wood. Everything from cabinets, floor, ceiling surfaces to window sill is made of wooden material. it would be better if some metal or white color was used. it would be better perceived spatially.

Patterned ceramics and tiles with classical traces are often used in kitchen designs, in order to give designs the appearance of ancient houses. Authentic patterns, classical ceramics and porcelains are indispensable elements of rustic decoration. we see its use in this kitchen. Choosing such a ceramic as a main line is very successful. It is also very suitable for wood materials used. but especially the hood was a very good choice for this place.

Authentic patterns, classical ceramics and porcelains are indispensable elements of rustic decoration. As for the color scale; neutral colors and earthy tones and black-and-white harmony are the colors most used in this style. As seen in this design, the harmony of wood with white and the table and chair choices are in harmony.

The solid wood cabinets with oven oven have a fully rustic design in addition to modernity. It is also nice that the table has both a bench and a chair selection. The brick wall knit added both color and texture. Although the ceramic used on the floor is not very suitable, it has become a beautiful kitchen with its rustic design.

Rustic design flow, one of the most organic architectural styles, enables natural materials such as wood and felt to be processed as little as possible and become ready-to-use natural products. As seen in this kitchen, a natural wooden table is like exposing the bricks used on the walls. In addition, the fact that the kitchen sink dominated the view was a really good choice for the user. and the applique on the wall is also a good choice in color.

Usually, a rustic style design is made for the cottage, cottage or villa. to create an elegant elegance and pleasant atmosphere of simplicity. The feeling of harmony and comfort is aimed to be at the forefront and the place gives peace with the warmth of natural materials. A little color could be used in this kitchen where wood was used so intensively. The wooden shades up to the window sill can cause space anxiety. but still the warmth and peace of wood is undeniable. The selection and design of the bar chairs is great and the lighting is in harmony.

Stone against wood is used to balance the interior. When they symbolize the elements of nature, the combination of wood-soil and stone creates a warm atmosphere. Another important detail is the color palette used. A monochrome palette of colors is often used, in which pastel shades are used. Besides brown, beige, cream color, blue and black also add vitality to the space. the color palette could be opened a little in this kitchen.

Although it may seem a little complicated when you first look at it, when you look at the details, the accessories used in the place are the items that complement the rustic style. The leather seat selection was not a suitable choice, but it is fine that it is black in color. The creation of a small plant area is also very natural.

Wood is one of the most important elements of this style. Recycled wood gives the room a natural appearance, reminiscent of the soil. Wide, wooden flooring is complemented by wooden beams, which are often used to support ceilings. Pine, cherry, alder are the best choices for a rustic feel. Here is an example of what we see here. The selection of the kitchen countertops in black is in the harmony of cabinets in white and cream tones. One of the very nice details is to use one of the open shelves as a small bookcase.


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