26 Modern Small Bathroom Design Tips


Less is more: save with tiles
What can you do to make a small bathroom look crowded? Let’s start with the tiles: If you only use them sparingly, you will give the space more space, because free wall space simply looks airier. Therefore, tile only where absolutely necessary. Half-height is perfect for sinks, toilets, and baths, while the shower can of course be higher. The other walls and ceiling should be bright everywhere, this improves the lighting conditions.

Leather instead of size: more glamor
Is your bathroom too small? So just stage it a little nicer. Noble tiles, sumptuous colors, contrasts – everything is possible. Because hardly anything can be too much in a small area, and the cost of expensive equipment details is inevitably small. And everyone who walks into such a designed bathroom is guaranteed to no longer think about the size.

Niche existence: flexible corner shower
Does your bathroom have a niche that you can do nothing else with? Use them e.g. For a shower. Whether it’s around the wall, a sharp angle, or impossible dimensions – with small mosaic tiles, for example from Marazzi.de, you can flexibly design walls and breathe life and a little charm into dead corners. On several floors: space-saving towel rail

On several floors: space-saving towel rail
Of course, if you have some space and space in your bathroom, be careful about it. The solution: work upwards – for example with a towel ladder. If otherwise there would only be room for one sheet, there are several storage options here. In addition, such a bathroom accessory is not only practical but gives the room even more stylish comfort.

S too small: small sink
Without them, nothing works in small bathrooms: small sinks. The spectrum ranges from elegant to extravagant to classic and simple.

Optical trick: large plates
The smaller the tiles, the larger the joints – and they give a restless image. Except you have to clean them. Large, bright tiles visually stretch the space, calm the atmosphere and reflect light into the room. The installation plan should not contain any narrow scrap, but distribute the panels across the room, cut to the same dimensions.

Combined: shower in small bathroom
Unfortunately, it is often the case that owners of a small bathroom are faced with the question of whether they should be bathed or bathed? Do not worry. Thanks to a modern shower, the combination solution includes a quick shower and a relaxing whirlpool. It is extremely easy to access with floor-to-ceiling doors, and showers do not take up much more space than a shower.

Optical illusion: mirrors enlarge small bathrooms
Speaking of mirrors – they are not only suitable for light distribution. Thanks to their reflection of the room, they also enlarge it visually. So never do without a mirror in a small bathroom, but rather use one larger or more copies at a time. Even the smallest bathrooms can be added in a short time.

Upholstered: fresh fabrics
How can you make your small bathroom more attractive without major renovations and still save space? Invest in bathroom textiles in North African and Turkish tradition. The so-called fall or hammam towels are woven from solid cotton and are available in many colors and patterns. They are as absorbent as regular terry towels but can be stored in a much more space-saving way.

One for all: combine washer and dryer
Do you need a washer and dryer in the small bathroom? Unfortunately, the other unit often runs out of available space. It is good that there are now combined units that combine washers and dryers. The functions for actually two units now only need a single floor space

Green of envy: small bathroom with character
In rented apartments, the bathrooms are often quite ordinary, small, and quite eye-catching. If you want more effect with relatively little effort, rely on imagination and colors. Choose a topic and follow it. Wall paints in forest green and accessories that absorb the forest color have a great effect here. Plants in the bathroom look perfect, but they must withstand moisture.

Nice: clean up the small bathroom
Only let kitchen utensils, care products, and textiles move into mini-bathrooms that you really like and use regularly. These are in simple baskets, drawers or, as here, in hills in groups and look much clearer – and are also close at hand.
modern small bathroom design ideas


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