26 Entrance Hall Design And Decor Tips


A blue entrance door and a very inviting entrance with flowers

The main door is of great importance in such small entrance halls. its color texture should be remarkable until the handles of the door. this blue door in light tones is a good example that opens to the entrance. The door handles in gold color are a color that best suits the blue. As soon as you walk in, the detail that catches your eye is the pink colored cabinet. A chair with wooden details just behind it is a necessity at every entrance. The floor is covered with wooden parquet, making it a warm touch. The small rug thrown on it is preferred with black stripes on white. In my opinion, this small entry would be a more appropriate choice if a more brownish color was chosen.

A fairly large mirror turns the areas you use all the time into an advantage

A very bright, spacious and wide entrance hall. It looks both stylish, modern and quite comfortable with the selected products. If the entrance of your house is this big, the round mirror used inside is the right choice for this place. Console selection feet are made of black metal and its form and size are quite successful. The white color of the walls, the wooden parquet of the floor and the rug laid on it give a very warm look. Also, the choice of accessories used on the console is truly enormous, and its support with plants is a very good example of an in-and-out connection. As for the choice of chandelier, using candles rather than light bulbs in an old-style chandelier is also interesting but creative and beautiful.

Console is a must for an entrance hall

We are faced with a quiet and peaceful small entrance hall. The choice of round mirror supported by console is very nice. A little boho style was tried to be reflected with the accessories used. If you are using a console somewhere, you should definitely use a lampshade, one or 2 does not matter, but a console cannot be considered without a lamp shade. We also see here that a nice style that is used and completed has emerged. The lanterns and lighted candles on the stair steps are like steps leading to peace. Granite was preferred for the floor and a coffee-colored rug was laid on it. Choosing a rug with ethnic patterns would be of better quality.

White walls and some metallic black a very attractive entrance hall

We are in a rather large rectangular entrance hall. the white walls and the wooden floor are the dominant colors. I think its design is incomplete or unfinished. because there are quite a few missing parts. yes, a console is included but not supported with accessories. Of course, a minimalist choice may have been made. Nevertheless, the floor carpet or rug would be a complementary detail. Apart from that, the choice of frames and chandeliers used in the wall is enormous.

A seat in the color of cherry rot is actually not necessary for another product

A spacious and large entrance hall greets us. This house has a calm style. but it also makes you feel like your own home. Therefore, I think the entrance of this house, which can be considered empty for some, is very warm and colorful. a mini black dresser and complementary little accessories are lovely. A sofa chosen with the most beautiful shade of burgundy and the pillow on it is awesome. The carpet on the floor and the gold detailed chandelier are also a very good choice. maybe if a mirror were used it would be more eye-catching.

All the details for a luxurious entrance hall are here

A very luxurious entrance hall. It has been a carefully thought out and elaborate entrance hall with all its details. everything from the choice of console to the chandelier is luxury. Candlesticks were preferred instead of lampshade in the console here, which was a good choice. As we are accustomed to, just above the console, choosing a table instead of a mirror has revealed the quality of the house. The texture of the wood detail on the floor is also very good. but a stylish carpet deserves to be laid on this entrance hall. My only negative criticism is the choice of wallpaper used on the wall on the side of the console. It could have been a quieter option, or even a sheer beige tone would be great.

Wall hangers are an ideal example for small entrance halls

You can reflect your bohemian style with bright, pastel, matte and contrast colors. While applying a free decoration style, you can actually use even incompatible colors together, and this entrance hall is exactly suitable for this. The most common decor item that can be used in interpreting the Bohemian style in decoration is textile. You can use it on many surfaces such as covering of furniture, blankets that you can place in the house, cushions and pillows. and in addition, straw is a complementary product. The textures on the mirror locket wall have been very successful. An entrance hall has been designed that invites both warm and comfortable people inside.

The gigantic size of the stone wall and door is intriguing for its interior

A bright entrance hall with a high ceiling. The choice of the door is very important because the plants outside are as if the trees are inside. In fact, there is no need to close everything completely while closing the door, it is necessary to allow the sun, light and greenery. The stone walls are wonderful. Although the choice of console is a bit big, it still completed well. And of course it’s a pretty good idea to use lampshades. An area to sit at the entrance is definitely a sofa chair or a bench like that here. it was both a calm and well designed entrance hall.

How is the wicker knitted chair inviting and nice

Heavy furniture is not a preferred type in the entrance halls. We recommend that you use furniture that can be positioned practically and can easily change place and form. This applies to furniture as well as decor items used on the floor and walls. As we have seen in this cozy little entrance hall, a light wicker chair, a cupboard and a hanger that does not take up space are really both lightening and comfortable. Even the chandelier is made of a light material, a really complementary very beautiful image has emerged.

Again a small entrance hall, beautiful and practical solutions applied

We are in a modern and stylish entrance hall. The use of tonal color is very successful. It is nice that every product is solved in one place. It is very good that the hanging bench and the frames on it are in the same place. The black tones used inside, along with the white color, are complementary. The size and form of the ceramics used on the floor are not very suitable for this entrance hall, and the rug chosen is not for this place. A better result would be obtained if there were also colors and tones that would support the colors used inside in black and white tones.

Mini welcome stands and live plants are really beautiful

A beautifully designed entrance hall with all its details. The use of black colors is very good in this both bright and spacious entrance hall. The choice of mirrors is very modern and a great choice for this place. Recently, coffee tables of different sizes that we come across in every house have also been used and the accessories placed on them are also very good. the floor is light wood and a nice choice in size. The frames used on the wall add a complementary and stylish look. In addition, a detail that should be at every entrance should be to use plants inside.

A very spacious entrance hall where all corners are evaluated

Although the entrance hall, also known as the entrance hall, is not one of the prominent areas during home decoration, it is actually the first areas of the house that stand out and give the first impression of decoration. The first model that comes to mind when it comes to entrance furniture is of course the dresuars. You can find dozens of different styles, colors and models of consoles that work wonders in entrance decoration. The console used here is a very good choice and a complete image has been obtained with the use of chairs. The use of colors in which white and wood are blended has created a warm and spacious environment. The daylight entering through the openings in the door was also very inviting.

Usage and importance of accessories

The entrance hall should primarily be welcoming with its heartwarming and spacious atmosphere. Although we cannot see much detail in this image, the accessories used in the console are quite successful. in fact, the details are exactly the style of the person living here. The mirror usage form, the color of the console and the wood texture are stylish and modern. The lampshade used in the console is exactly a well-chosen piece.

Grid-shaped mirror idea and dresuar are a very good duo

A warm and sincere welcome! If you want to, you can prioritize as much naturalness as possible. For both wall decorations and door models, the warmth of the wood will caress the eye with its natural texture and will provide a warm atmosphere. Here we see a wonderful example. The design of the console with the black color and the white stool standing in front of it are really well-chosen products. In addition, the use of plants is a must have in almost every entrance hall. Both the vase selection and the plant selection are very compatible. The fact that the mirror is square and piece by piece has been successful in creating a very nice and effective entrance.

A welcome area, albeit a small one, is necessary for every entrance hall

Very good results can be obtained with neutral colors. You have designed an entrance hall that is both eye-catching and calm, as it is here. Just below a large oval mirror is a console and a cute entrance hall supported by accessories. The harmony of the colors used is very important. The combination of gray and gray tones with white is well illustrated here.

It is possible to have a very interesting entrance hall with a wall shelf, a mirror and accessories

The first impression for our house is the entrance hall. The hall welcomes our guests after you and the situation of the hall actually gives your guests a preliminary idea for the layout of your home. There is a warm welcome in this entrance hall. the use of the color selection mirror and the frames with the black shelf just below it are very well combined. But if a console were to be used, a more complementary image would have been obtained right under the mirror, and this slight confusion would have been eliminated by placing the accessories on the floor.

White walls are ideal for a long and narrow corridor

The first impression for our house is the entrance hall. The hall welcomes our guests after you and the condition of the hall actually gives your guests a preliminary idea for the layout of your home. It would be nice to be greeted with white walls and floors. clean tidy and stylish at the same time. By using only brown tone on console and rug, it broke the whiteness here and added a little color. Winter accessories on the console are also complementary. only the mirror on the console was not very compatible with each other. more wood tones could have been preferred.

The weocome stand is a good savior for large entrance halls, and at the same time

Such magnificent grand entrance halls have always aroused curiosity. quality floor granites are actually an indication of how delightful we have entered a home. predominantly dark wood tones are used, but still the entrance is quite spacious and cool. A great choice for a small-scale table and flower entrance right in the middle. The quality and texture of the floor is very nice, but if a small rug was laid, a more complete flawless appearance would be obtained. In addition, the lampshade on the console does not go unnoticed, a very good choice.

A console with shelves and open hangers equals space savings

This style can be completed with very good ideas for simple and small entrance halls. white walls always show spaciousness. It is detailed with a small console, as in the image here. A much more harmonious appearance could have been achieved if there was a mirror with black material instead of a table placed on the console. The granites used on the floor could have been nice but still rugs in black and white tones. The open cloakroom is one of my favorite options and it is also a savior for such small entrances.

The importance of spaces created outside without entering the house

Is it a really good idea to enter the entrance hall from an environment like a winter garden. The colors used, the quality, elegance and texture of the outer door are magnificent. These areas created right in front of the door are actually the best way to welcome a small bench, which is quite solution-oriented. These types of entrances that make you wonder inside are quite beautiful. It’s nice to see a console as soon as you enter. The granites used in the ground are very successful. The sunlight entering is very nice and maybe a warmer and more intimate space would have been created if a carpet was thrown on the floor.

The attractiveness of wooden beams

There are some practical and easy ways to make the entrance hall more attractive. The little tables on a bench placed in front of the wall that give the idea of a home are actually that simple. The old-style wooden parquet on the floor is really an indication that you have come to a wonderful area with incredibly beautiful daylight. When you go a little further, you will see a console in wooden tones, completed with very nice accessories that are compatible with the rooster house. The wooden detail on the ceiling is a sign that you are entering a warm environment. What should not be here is those wall lamps and that chandelier looks very artificial. It was not a good choice for such a naturally furnished entrance.

How the chandelier and ceiling design beckons inside

We see a very modern decorated entrance hall. The remarkable detail at first, that magnificent lighting element was definitely chosen for the entrance of this house. The round pouffe placed right under the chandelier in the middle area is a very well chosen product in terms of both color and texture, officially two products complement each other. The windows on both sides of the door let the daylight in, creating a very bright entrance hall. curtain selection, exterior door selection, all in harmony The granite used on the floor is very beautiful both in size and in pattern and texture.

It’s perfect for the daylight to enter inside as it is

A very bright entrance hall. We see a dresuar mounted on the wall and a mirror with gold details hung right above it. I thought it would be nice if the wood continued in more detail when entering this house. because it was not a suitable choice for this house with its chandelier and mirror details. In fact, the outer door is quite cute and the color window opening is very nice. If suitable choices were made inside, a better entrance hall would have been designed. Perhaps, how would a mirror with a frame in the same tones just above that dresser change? And of course a rug had to be laid on the floor.

Accessories and mirror are enough for a warm welcome inside

A rather small entrance hall. Although it is small, it is very well detailed. Choosing white for all products created a more spacious perception. The size of the mirror selection is quite compatible with the tone of the color used on the back wall. I think a console was created by covering the central heating core, which was a great advantage. The accessories placed on it are very harmoniously selected.

Soft textured benches and gold details are the perfect combination

An entrance hall designed in soft colors. It has a very heartwarming look. Just below the round mirror is a magnificent bench with rose and gold detailing. On the side, we see the console, again with gold detail. In my opinion, a more complete image would have been obtained if the mirror were on the console. wall mounted hanging stands are both very stylish and space saving. The walls are white and the floors are wooden, creating a very cozy atmosphere and the rug on the floor was chosen exactly for this entrance hall.

It is very smart to define the wall and make the layout accordingly

You can create a more dynamic and striking look with the heavy use of contrasting colors. The colors used in this modern hall are very successful. The frame and console are positioned very well with the mirrors defined on the opposite wall. The contrast colors used on the floor are awesome. An entrance hall compatible with each other was designed.



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