25 Suggestions Living Room Design Tips


The importance of colors and their shades in a room is very important

The large windows that absorb the daylight created a spacious living room atmosphere. The furniture, in which blue tones are used, has added color to this beautiful hall. Supporting the furniture with wooden details added warmth and sincerity. I think using fireplace was also a good choice. perhaps the colors in the accessory preference could be chosen differently. The details used on the ceiling also look very nice. The choice of coffee table was also a nice detail. The use of tables and mirrors is also absolutely necessary and the selection of the mirror in blue has been compatible.

Fireplace is indispensable

We can say that it was exactly a modern design with the colors used in this living room. The marble used by the fireplace is awesome and the library space has also provided continuity. The harmony of gray and black has been applied incredibly beautiful. curtain choices are just as good. In addition, the wooden parquet used on the floor supported the staircase that added a warm atmosphere and the wooden surface. stair railings are designed and applied in the most appropriate way to this design. Maybe it would be better to choose a slightly warmer color instead of the gray sofa used, such as burgundy or orange would have added some color to this living room.

Using different materials together produces good results

There are many details that we need to consider in this modern living room. For example, a lot of material was used, such as concrete, glass, wood. The wooden windows and moldings on the left side have added a warm atmosphere to the environment, but the concrete used in the fireplace looks very pale and colorless for this living room. The wooden parts and lighting applied on the ceiling are the details that complete the design. I think the middle coffee table preference would have been better if it was supported with wooden details instead of being completely glass.

Harmony of colors and fabrics

The living rooms are the most renovated areas of the house. We often need to renew due to wear. We have created an idea gallery with 25 different designs for those in the renovation phase. We wish you a modern and luxurious living room that has been successfully designed to inspire you. A few of the main elements such as accessories, furniture, tables, television units and lighting systems can help decorate your imagination. For more luxurious design ideas, please visit our other categories.

That’s it for decorative items and a stone fireplace

This modern living room with these arched black sash windows looks amazing. The bench, which is made of hairy material right in front of it being made of stone, looks really nice. leaving the walls white gave relief to this living room. As the couch should have preferences and colors, the form of the center table is also very harmonious and the selection of accessories used on it is very successful. only maybe the table used on the fireplace on the wall did not seem very suitable, another choice could be made. for example, Vincent Van Gogh’s red vineyard painting in Arles would be great.

A magnificent view with a glass center table and a huge chic chandelier

It’s hard to think of a living room without a fireplace. It is amazing that it adds modernity and creates a warm atmosphere. Keeping the ceiling high created a very spacious and wide area. chester sofa is one of the best choices possible. and soft pillows are ideal in color and texture to provide a comfortable environment while the fireplace is burning. The middle table is made of glass material and its feet are bronze and it looks stylish and elite. The niche applied on the wall on the left side is nice but it is completely wooden, it is not suitable for this place, but at the same time the spots used are very pleasant. The choice of chandeliers and wall lights preferred for lighting are also very nice details.

Try using a frame on the wall

This modern hall of black and white tones looks both calm and stylish. The use of accessories is quite good. It is very nice that the coffee tables are in 2 different sizes. The posters used on the right are also the details that complete this design. The wooden parquet used on the floor and the carpet selected on it added a warm atmosphere to this hall. The chandelier selected as a lighting product is stylish but it was not a suitable choice for this hall. In addition, the use of no curtains inside allowed the daylight to be inside as it is.

It’s always good to add some color

The first product that stands out in this large room, which is used both as a living room and a kitchen, was the u-shaped sofa. The cavities made on the ceiling were a good solution for storing the lighting. The pendant lighting used on the island kitchen is also very beautiful. The use and color of the coffee table was also harmonious and complementary. There seems to be a need for a different color tone in this modern salon, which uses a lot of the same tone. This modern hall with a generally harmonious design.

Choosing design-oriented furniture is such a thing

There are many outstanding details in this beautifully designed modern living room. The seat selections with velvet fabric look warm and stylish. single seat forms and colors used are in harmony with each other. It is also nice to design the dining table and the kitchen as an open kitchen. we see many lighting products on the ceiling, although the choice of chandelier is successful, other lighting elements are not very suitable for this living room. The leather detail used in the bar stools is also very nice.

A large sofa and maroon color is awesome

In this modern living room, with a wide range of accessory options, the focus is on a maroon sofa. and the carpet used on the floor is also complemented by the presence of burgundy transitions. spiral staircase looks really amazing. 4 center tables are used. and the accessories that are not compatible with each other on the tables have also been chosen, which made the accessories look a bit tiring and confused. It was a good choice that the walls remained white. it has been a generally well-designed modern living room.

Choose a sofa chair in different shades

A calm and stylish modern living room. single seat choices are very successful. Although the curtains used in rustic style do not fit the modern design perception, they did not spoil the modern look. The location of the fireplace and the small accessories on it are quite successful. Having a fireplace in a room puts it in a warmer and more intimate atmosphere. the color choices are also very nice and harmonious. Although the chandelier preferred as a lighting element is not very compatible, the lampshades used on the coffee table are very nice.

Scandinavian style can be preferred in very popular carpets and armchairs

The first detail that stands out in this small living room was the foot and arm details of the single seats. These seats, which are in dark wood and black fabric is preferred, are very beautiful. The walls are white and the hanged paintings are harmonious and complementary. It is very creative and useful that the middle table is in wooden tones and there are wheels on the feet. The small accessories used on the middle table are the details that support this design. It is also very nice to have the same texture and forms on the carpet and pillows.

Do not give up on natural wood

Modern living rooms can also be designed using minimal products. this living room is an example. 2 single armchairs and a sofa, the blue tone used in the sofa is a very successful and stylish choice. The window from the floor to the ceiling takes daylight inside and another lack of detail is the absence of a curtain. The selection of the middle coffee table is a wooden table with a large round detail, but a modern product with more naive lines would be preferred here. It is very good that the accessories are both small and chosen according to the environment.

It is successful to choose a marble coffee table with metal legs

It has become a modern living room where both very warm and very stylish products are used. The choice of the L seat and its color being in gray tones are also very comfortable for the user. It is very nice that the paintings used on the wall are of different sizes. This coffee table and accessories, which have very successful chrome and marble details, looks very suitable and harmonious for this living room. It would be great if the floor lamp on the right side was chrome instead of gold. This modern living room has a design that everyone will want to spend time with.

Add a pop of color like black

The use and distribution of black sofas and wood tones is very successful. The gray tone used in the TV unit and the preferred wall remains in the background and looks very good. Preferred parquet and form on the ground. The choice of curtains is quite plain and the daylight is very nice inside. The leaf-shaped and gray lighting is a good choice for this place. It is very nice to choose the wooden and the elliptical form of the coffee table. Although the carpet is not very harmonious in texture, the color selection is nice.

Catch tone by tone

Black wall surface and fireplace are the first remarkable details in this living room. very harmonious colors are used. The gray sofa and side tables have black and metal details, making this living room modern. The chandelier, which is chosen as lighting, has a great harmony with black and metal details. perhaps using a small carpet or rug could create a more warm and cozy space. accessory preferences are both underused and compatible for this place. In addition, the spots used in the hall and the door sills in black tones are an excellent choice.

Create cozy little seating areas

A modern living room with a single sofa fireplace and glass coffee table. the fireplace created a very warm space. The preferred color selection in the sofa is successful. Although the small size of the windows reduces the light inside, it seems to be supported by the spots used on the ceiling. The wooden parquet used on the floor looks beautiful and harmonious with the other products inside. The choice of mirror used on the fireplace was also a good choice for this small space.

Include plants in living areas

A very noticeable detail in a modernly designed living room is the use of enough accessories to achieve a rich, full and stylish look. The color, form and texture of the sofa are quite beautiful. The color and size of the pillows used on the sofa are different from each other, making this area flamboyant. Making room for plants inside is also a good choice for catching modernism. The size and position of the coffee tables and the choice of carpet provided integrity.

Make room in your home for natural tones, wood and white

White and wood are always enough 2 colors to get a good image. This modern living room looks so spacious, clean and stylish. The wooden shelf and accessories standing on the fireplace are pretty good. The choice of carpet is both big and beautiful for this area. The fact that the sofas are wooden legs detailed and the colors chosen white have made this living room quite harmonious. In addition, a white and wood-detailed coffee table is used. If only there was a choice like a sculptured wooden coffee table on the left, a more impressive view could be obtained. but everything else looks pretty good.

Use vibrant and eye-catching colors

The first details that catch the eye in this modern living room are the coffee tables and their colors. We chose such a beautiful shade of blue that there is no need for another color. In the details of the coffee table, golden colors are used, which suits the blue and white colors very well. The location of the sofas and their different forms have saved it from being a boring living room. The rug patterned frame visible on the left wall was an accessory that should never have been. The accessories used throughout the room are very successful.

Display sculptures as an accessor

This modern living room with high ceiling is pretty flashy. All the details used in the room smell of modernism. In fact, although the arched windows resemble an old building, it became an example of how it was modernized with the furniture and products used inside. The center table is a perfect piece that everyone will want to see at home. It is incredible how the wood is properly made this way. It is very good that the white sofa is preferred. The mirror mounted in the arch used on the opposite wall is a magnificent detail. accessory preference has been chosen mostly in the style of sculpture. With these selected accessories, a real modern living room has been created.

Make good use of daylight

The color palette used inside is awesome. It was a good advantage that the room had a high ceiling. When designing a modern living room, the furniture used inside is one of the most striking details. This room with both golden and soft colors looks quite good. Wooden parquet was used on the floor and the carpet selection was also harmonious. sofa selections are also successful. In addition, no curtains are used inside, making it a very suitable choice for this modern living room. The dining table located in front of the window also has great details and views.

Create open spaces in your room

Too many sofas and armchairs are put in a living room with such a beautiful view. simplifying it a bit relaxes both the space and the human soul, and it does not bother. The preferred sofa colors are quite good, it is placed as a middle table but it is also nice to serve as a pouffe. its texture and color are also very good. lighting preferences are also quite good, and the chandelier and chandelier match well in both color and texture. It looks good in the section devoted to the dining table in the background.

Include open shelves in the walls

In fact, this room was tried to be captured in a classic modern design. The colors and textures have a stylish look that does not strain the eyes. The shelves and accessories used in the TV unit are nice. The black and white frames used on the right wall bring integrity and harmony to this room. coffee table armchairs and color choices are also nice and harmonious. perhaps a more textured carpet would be preferred instead of a black and white detailed rug. In addition, the plants used inside are always the details that make an environment more spacious.

Lighting is the most important detail for a room

No matter where it is looked at, this room has become a modern designed room. It is very nice that the sofa is preferred, the use of a coffee table and their location is very good. Especially the stones used as decor under the TV are awesome. and it is quite good to design it as a stone wall on the wall surface behind the TV. lampshade preferences are also nice. only the carpet preference is quite small and colorless. instead, a larger and more colorful carpet could be preferred.


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