24 Farmhouses Decorated in Modern and Simple


Do not give up naturalness and wood

This farmhouse not only has a historical feature, but also contains today’s modernity. The wall with natural bricks creates a great visual feast with its window detail. The fact that kitchen cabinets are in white tones added both spaciousness and elegance. At the same time, the dining table is made of wood and its form is incredibly beautiful. wood parquet on the floor was the most suitable choice for this farmhouse.

It is possible to capture naturalness with its rustic design

Wooden materials were used in the house in a measured way, and a decoration and renovation with aesthetic elegance as in the picture was achieved. In fact, the designs used in farmhouses have similar characteristics to rustic designs. This style of fireplace designs add an indispensable feature and warmth. Their use and location of accessories is very good. The fact that it is both a chair and a bench on the table is a nice and stylish detail.

try two-tone cabinets

The magnificent beauty of the house was revealed by making new productions without touching the natural stone and white walls. This visually flawless kitchen has been carefully designed to impress those who see it. The harmony between the wooden table and the carrier beams on the roof has not been disturbed, and a magnificent harmony and contrast has been achieved. and a kitchen that keeps pace with the modern times has been designed.

choose island kitchen

The naturalness of the past, today’s modernity and the harmonious use of technological features makes this farm kitchen different. wooden carrier columns, natural bricks keep both old and new together in this kitchen. The walls left white and the white backed by it are awesome to use both the table and the sink. all the details from the lighting are carefully selected.

add dark cabinets to light shades

Although it looks like a modern kitchen at first glance, we can understand that it is actually a farmhouse kitchen with the details used inside. The old-style white brick-looking ceramics used on the wall, rattan detailed chairs used on the table are examples of these. The fact that the island was solved as a kitchen not only gained space but also did not lose any extra space for the table and chair. The openness of the wall shelves is integrated with the accessories used. In addition, instead of the pendant chandelier, a more wooden lighting could be preferred.

use multi-purpose tables in the kitchen

This visually flawless kitchen has been carefully designed to impress those who see it. The white kitchen cabinets and the walls are in white tones and ceramics. A fine and elegantly furnished kitchen, right down to the accessories used. In such kitchens, a natural wooden table is a must, and there is a very beautiful example here, and the integrity is achieved with black pendant chandeliers placed on the table. Open shelves used under the wooden table also add visuality to this kitchen.

Make room for decorative plates on the wall

it was actually a rustic designed kitchen, but it is also possible to find such close designs in most farmhouses. The most striking detail here is the white patterned ceramics used on the ceiling, adding an incredibly beautiful image. white walls and kitchen cabinets are compatible. wooden tables are also very stylish and addictiveness. In addition, the blue ceramic plates used on the wall are an incredibly beautiful detail for farmhouse kitchens.

display kitchen items on open shelves

Farmhouses, houses that are far from pretentiousness, suitable for daily work, with architectural elements such as patios and porches that are suitable for spending time outside. Open shelves mounted on the wall are ideal for placing kitchen utensils in such designs. The wooden table is both a necessary product and the most important detail that reflects the design. The peace and quiet in this image is something everyone could want.

give a chance to open kitchens

We are facing a farmhouse supported by a rustic design. The details used in this image, which covers the living room and kitchen as well as the dining table, are very beautiful. The support of wooden tones with black metallic colors is very nice and the carved metallic parts of the chairs are very good. Designing the kitchen as an island kitchen is an indispensable feature in such designs. and the white walls used in the kitchen have kept the cabinets in the background and visually added elite. There are carefully selected elagant products, from cottages to table chairs and all accessories used in this farmhouse.

Make room for chairs with different designs in your kitchens

In this image, a bright and spacious space welcomes us. The wooden table and the chairs with different models and forms used around it are very beautiful. The plates with macrame and rattan details decorating the opposite wall add a very elegant look. Our expectation from such designs is generally the use of wooden parquet on the floor. but here a white old-style tile is used on the floor. Wood should always be our first choice to get a complete look. rusitk curtain created a very stylish and warm environment. and maybe a better image could be achieved if another product was chosen as lighting.

complete the white color with wood

A white kitchen is crowned with small wooden details. Supporting the white table with wooden legs was also complementary. This creative kitchen, which is designed both modern and at the same time with rustic details, is striking to the eye. All the details and accessories used inside are very harmonious. a stylish, simple and comfortable space has been created. In addition, the lighting used is a very suitable choice for this kitchen.

Try colorful mosaics between the countertops

Wooden carrier beams, wooden surface kitchen cabinets and wooden lighting on the ceiling look wonderfully harmonious. a kitchen resolved as an island kitchen. The location and layout of the table, which is an example of an island kitchen that we do not come across much in terms of form, seems comfortable for the user. This kitchen, which also includes modern details, is beautifully designed with all its touches.

create small sitting areas in front of windows in the kitchen

A very spacious, clean and stylish kitchen. wood details supplemented with white tones and black metal. It is a nice touch that the island kitchen sink part and the table part are separated in a distinctive way. The choice of chairs used is a very appropriate choice for this style of kitchen. Accessories with open shelves became complementary items. It has been a fully designed kitchen that contains both old and new.

Bring joy to your dark wood floors with colorful rugs

The kitchen really looks very harmonious with the mood of the farmhouse. The white countertop with the table kitchen cabinets with the wooden texture preserved is really great. The dark wooden parquet used on the floor and the ethnic patterned rug are a very nice touch. The lighting used on the ceiling is a beauty in itself. All the accessories used in the kitchen, plates, open shelves added a magnificent visuality.

Make your kitchen amazing with red color

Surrounded by the island kitchen, this kitchen stands out with so many details. The stove on the side of the table and the oven just below it look interesting but useful. We can see these details in the open shelves and accessories used on the wall surface in lightings where the emphasis is also on black metallic details. The red tones used on some parts of the chair and table at the same time create a warm atmosphere in this kitchen. leaving the walls white is a nice choice to prevent color confusion.

Use tiles of different patterns

Doesn’t the kitchen really look well suited to the mood of the farmhouse? The gray kitchen cabinets are very pale, but the wood texture is preserved, and the wooden countertop is really great. Cooker and oven were a very good choice. The open shelf and hanging accessories used right above the stove create a somewhat crowded appearance, but when viewed from a general angle, it is a complementary detail. We used old style small form tiles on the floor and we see an ethnic rug just above it. Both crowded and functional at the same time, this kitchen is very nicely designed.

Make room for using stools and benches in your kitchen

Functional cabinets that are not too crowded also have a vintage feel. Everything from the oven to the sink has a certain character and a soul that is intertwined with the texture of the house. The texture color vo form of the wooden floor looks very harmonious and beautiful. The table used as the island kitchen looks quite long and comfortable. The colors used were complementary to the transitions. The sunlight that enters inside gives people peace and a kitchen has been designed with calm and elegance.

add creativity to the beams

We are looking at a farm kitchen full of wooden carriers. The fact that the roof has a wooden surface, the beams continue with the same wood surface, and the hood preference is also for wood has made it a great harmony. The lighting hanging on the beams on the layout of the island kitchen, the open shelves used on the table, are made elegant and stylish just as it should be. leaving the walls white was a very good choice.

Use open shelves instead of full-length cabinets

Some of the same colors and materials used outside can be found inside the farmhouse: in combination with lime veneer, gray / green colored natural earth, wood and other high-performance materials such as original local stone, steel.These materials pass through the various rooms for a comfortable feel with a charming sense of simplicity. creates atmosphere. It is possible to see these details in this kitchen. The wooden island kitchen from top to bottom looks stunning. open shelves harmonize with white wall surfaces.

Be natural on the ceiling as well

The contemporary design of the kitchen, which draws attention to the balance between the past and the present, and it is also very good to be supported by rustic designs. It is very nice that the ceiling has a wooden surface and is illuminated with small spots. Although the cabinets have a vintage feel, they are white and positioned very successfully. The position of the daylight windows entering inside are the details that are really considered to be comfortable for the user in the middle.


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