19 Modern Bedroom Decor/Design Ideas For Teenage Girl


Turn the head of the bed to your advantage

We see two separate headboards and beds in this adolescent room where soft colors are dominant. The upper parts of the headboards were used as shelves, providing the use of accessories and making it an ideal solution for storing books or other items. The wooden beds and tables were supported with colors and a beautiful image appeared. Leaving the walls white and the wallpaper used on only one wall surface added visuality to the room. In addition, the table solved in the middle area does not seem wide enough for two people to use as a scale.

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Make room for shades of one color on the wall

Clearly, we are in a girls’ room as can be seen from the colors. A soft pink color was preferred, which is the most beautiful shade of pink, if I think. The location and placement of the bed is very good in color. The desk and make-up table, which are solved as a single unit, continue with the lighting from the ceiling right across the street and have been very creative. The frames hung on the color and texture of the wallpaper used on the wall are also compatible with each other. It is very nice to have gold metallic details preferred as a bedside table and to be both small and functional in form.

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Use niches in the walls

The fact that the bed and the table are in a single form with the same extension and the unit is dissolved from the unit has been very good in this adolescent room, both space gain has been achieved and a stylish appearance has been achieved. Shelves used as niches in the wall are the best solution for the bookcase. The flamingo idea, which is used in wallpaper and frames, adds color and provides a stylish and elite visual. The wooden parquet used on the floor is the same as the wood used in the table and the bed, and the small rugs used on the beautiful floor add warmth to the environment.

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You can use separators to create different areas

I find separators used in bedrooms quite logical. It divides the work area or the make-up table and also creates a distinctive area for the bed. The idea of staying in the background of tiring things for quality sleep is very nice. In this room, where gray tones are used predominantly, the wallpaper used on the wall in the bedroom was not a very suitable choice. Maybe the transition could be given with a softer color. It was a creative solution to serve as a nightstand and to have a bookcase with shelves.

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Make your walls colorful and animated

We see a unit that is used both as a bed and as a sofa. On this bed, many kinds of multi-colored pillows are used, which I think is a very good choice that adds both a comfortable and a very nice harmony. The application of wood coating on the wall surfaces has created a warmer adolescent room. wall hung shelves and accessories are compatible. The gray tones used on the desk are complementary and beautifully in harmony. However, a better result would be obtained if the green cabinet on the table continued with the color of the open shelves.

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Make a niche in the walls for the bookcase in your room

We see a simple, stylish and elegant adolescent room where the same tones are used a lot. It is very nice that the bed is functional. It was a really good idea to think of a guest who came into the room. The shelves on the wall are very suitable for both bookshelf and accessory use. The harmony of wood and white is always very good. In this room, we see that these tones have been harmoniously placed together. The concealed lighting on the ceiling is a well-thought-out solution for a teenager, but also has a function that provides lighting.

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Use the ceiling height to your advantage

I really love this style of designed rooms. Creating extra space for a young person and providing diversity is great. the lower part is the bed and the upper part is a special area where he can spend time alone with himself or with his friend. Even the steps up the stairs are also a design. The choice of wallpaper applied has a very good appearance both elegantly and visually. The soft colors used throughout the room are in a very nice harmony.

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Mix colors of different shades

Two different areas are created in the room by using the level difference. the sofa looks large in size, I think it is also used as a bed. Supporting with pillows is well thought in terms of comfort. a very colorful space has been created inside. pink tones combined with wood textures. The continuity of the desk is beautiful, the layout of the cabinets and the location is nice. The wooden parquet used on the floor added a warm atmosphere and harmony to the room. In addition, I do not think the blue tone used in the work chair and drawers is very suitable for this room. it could either remain in wood tones again or it could be supplemented with another shade of pink.

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Decorate your wall with frames

Continuing units are both regular and functional. As we saw in this room, the bed and desk come out of the same unit. The frames used on the walls added color to the room. Light wood is heavily used in the room. The warm air that wood adds to the environment is undeniably beautiful. In general, a regular and simple adolescent room that does not strain the eyes is designed.

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Add art to your bedroom

Three different textures used on the wall; wood tone, pink and gray add a very different and beautiful atmosphere. The choice of double bed seems very comfortable for the user. The mirror dressing table selection is nice. The accessories used are also very suitable for this room. In addition, the lampshade suspended from the ceiling became the most beautiful and elegant detail chosen for this room. A better result would have been achieved if only the frames used on the opposite wall were not used.

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Leaving it simple gives peace of mind

A simple, stylish, simple and elegant room was designed. The most beautiful soft shade of pink is used and supported with white transitions. The fact that the working table is on the entire wall surface has increased its usage area. It can be used comfortably as both a library and an accessory area. Again, we see that the headboard provides continuity, furniture with such continuity is visually and functionally beautiful choices for the user.

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Design the headboard differently

The work table is solved in a single unit and the bed area is solved in a single unit by itself, both separating the areas from each other and visually supported by using different tones. We see a room dominated by wood and pink tones. It is very useful that the working area is mostly pink and consists of open shelves. The most beautiful detail in the bedroom is the lampshades suspended from the ceiling. The headboard is wooden and a single unit, which is quite good for double beds. The spots used in both the ceiling and the work area seem sufficient to illuminate this room.

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Stylish and useful for a teenage girls room

We are faced with a room that gives a very luxurious look. The selection of quilted headboards and being up to the ceiling is an interesting but beautiful detail. Perhaps it would be more meaningful if the headboard continued with an extension from the ceiling with lighting. It is good that the desk is solved in a single unit. The design of the shelves on the wall is a detail that every young girl wants. The choice of the bedside table and the frame and wall sconce on it were a very harmonious choice for this room.

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Give wall-mounted work desks a try

The use of mirrors on the walls is a detail that adds both depth and elegance to a room. As we saw in this room, a mirror fit all along the wall. At the same time, the selection of the bed headboard from a soft texture and its continuing along the wall made the desk comfortable. Nice choice of wooden bed legs and wooden tables. Although not too many colors were used in the room, a very spacious and stylish appearance was obtained.

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Design a wall-to-wall workspace, create extra space in your bedroom

A very useful and comfortable room was designed. It is nice for the guests to have an extra bed under the bed. created in different areas on the desk. A multiple space that includes both a TV unit, a bookcase, a cabinet and a drawer is actually solved in a single unit. Wallpaper used on a single wall surface prevented chaos and added an elegant look. The rug used only on the wooden floor did not have the appropriate color for this room, but a color with warmer tones could be chosen.

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Prefer the lampshade, the floor lamp plain and stylish

A very spacious and bright room greets us. the selected colors applied tones are very successful. there is a simplicity and elegance that does not strain eyes. It is very nice that the double bed is positioned according to the sunlight entering. It is quite successful to complete the dresser and underwear selection with color and gold details. leaving the walls white, the choice of hanging frames is very nice. It has both color and a calm design.

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Use furniture that complements each other

we actually see a bed that has been applied like a bunk bed. the upper part was probably designed to be a private space. sometimes young people need such spaces. A truly elaborate room, even the tone of white used here is bright and eye-catching. Putting the make-up table just under the bunk bed has benefited from the area. The use of so much lighting in the make-up table is a very well thought out detail. The colors of the duvet cover used in the bed add harmony to this white room.

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