18 White Bathroom Decor That Will Refresh You When You Look At Them


Ground differences make a difference in the same area. On the side where the shower cabin is located, marble is used both on the wall surface. Hexagonal mosaics were used in the washbasin. The harmony of black and white, and the selection of awesome fixtures in black tones has created a very harmonious bathroom. The pendant chandelier used as a lighting element has not been suitable for this modern and glamorous bathroom. In addition, the use of marble in the washbasin has been complementary and the choice of mirrors is also very successful. It has been both a modern, useful and very spacious and bright bathroom design.

It was an area that did not create a bathroom perception at first sight. The tulle curtains used right across created a living room atmosphere. However, if we go into details, we see that this is actually a very large bathroom. A beautiful white bathtub positioned right in front of the window. The connection to the sink, which continues along the wall and makes it look like a whole, has been a very successful and creatively focused solution. This bathroom, dominated by white colors from head to toe, has a bright and heartwarming design. a little living plant in addition would be a good choice for this bathroom.

A very large white and magnificent bathtub is a chosen piece for this bathroom. The daylight entering through the windows and the view are wonderful with the position of the bathtub. The lath style used on the walls adds difference and distinction without using any other colors. Parquet, which is also used on the floor, is now very popular. In wet floors, we can now see the use of parquet in almost every bathroom. The lighting used on the ceiling was a very wrong choice for this bathroom, this bathroom would have been a modern, simple but elegant, more modern and calmer model instead of such an exaggerated lighting.

Spacious and stylishly designed bathroom. The first detail that catches the eye in this bathroom, where white colors are used predominantly, is a rectangular white tub. Who wouldn’t want to end the day there? The mini white coffee table next to the bathtub is a necessary piece of furniture for this place. The use of double sinks, the mirror being a whole one piece, and the metal faucets are quite successful and in harmony with each other. The marble transition of the granites used in the floor has been complementary. Not using any other color other than white color added freshness to this already big bathroom. It is a nice detail that different colors are only in the tree view outside.

A white washbasin and drawers were preferred. Actually, if your bathroom is small, you should choose both white color and you should prefer functional products in the bathroom. The more space you have, the more comfortable you will be. It was a very good choice to choose and apply gold for armatures, door armrests and even hinges. It added color to this bathroom, as well as stylish and elegant. It is also a good idea to use a niche in the shower cabin. The choice of mirrors is also very nice. In addition, the mini hexagonal mosaics used on the floor created both a color and a visual effect.

Wherever you put live plants, it leaves a refreshing and heartwarming effect in that environment. live plants that are also used extensively in this Bath. The location of the bathtub is very logical for this area with a sloping roof. The use of wood along with the white tones used on the floor and walls has been very attractive. wood always adds warmth and sincerity to the environment where it is used. Using the mirror on the entire side wall made this bathroom look bigger and more spacious than it actually is. In addition, the accessories used are very compatible and well-chosen for this bathroom.

white bathroom designs

We are faced with a bathroom of a beauty and size that we cannot call a bathroom exactly. A bathroom in perfect harmony with the white color and the gray tones of the marble has been designed. A fireplace detail that is positioned opposite the bathtub and dissolved in the wall is truly incredibly beautiful and different. built-in wardrobes have made extra space in this bathroom and look very good and stylish in design when viewed from the outside. A truly elegant bathroom is designed with all its details. In addition, all the furniture inside has been successfully resolved and positioned. The dead areas are almost nonexistent.

This vintage metal freestanding bathtub looks gorgeous in white, right in front of the window. Half of the gray rectangular ceramics used on the wall are left in white and the other half is complementary and harmonious. Gray patterned marble was used on the floor. The oval coffee table standing right next to the bathtub is a very nice choice and the fact that it is a living plant adds color and freshness to this bathroom. The wall-mounted hanger on the left is an ideal place for towels and the mini metal-framed mirror right above it is also nice. It has been a bathroom design in which all the details are considered to make you enjoy.

A very pleasant, spacious, bright, modern and white bathroom. The harmony of wooden moldings with the frame of the mirror and the marvelousness that they add to the white. The positioning of the bathtub at an angle was the best place to meet the view and the bathroom. The choice of the sink with both cupboards and drawers is very good for storage. The bronze selection of the fixtures suits both white and wood very well. A pendant chandelier is used just above the bathtub and we can say that it is the best lighting element chosen for this bathroom in perfect harmony. floors and walls are also in harmony with each other. In addition, the gray pouf next to the bathtub was useful, but it could have been better if it was chosen in a different color.

We are faced with a modern white bathroom. It was a good choice that the ceramics used on the walls were not in white tones, and the beige color created a slightly different space and perception in this bathroom. Square matte granite in quite large form was used on the ground. The location and location of the bathtub is well adjusted both in terms of close and distance to the toilet. The use of double sinks in white color is preferred. The small bathroom rug thrown on the floor is also suitable and harmonious for this modern bathroom. In addition, a more striking appearance could have been achieved if some accessories were used.

The ceramic used around the half-buried bathtub and the application of the same ceramic on the entire wall surface created a holistic space. It is quite logical to use a black-framed glass separator between the toilet and the toilet. In this modern bathroom where white colors are dominant, the selection of the fixtures in matte black adds elegance. On the floor, the granite used in gray tones looks nice, but if the black veined marble granite was applied, we could see a more harmonious modern bathroom. In addition, the hanger used on the wall would be more useful if it was mounted on the side where the bathtub ends.

A way to the bathtub with magnificent arch. The wooden touches applied to the washbasins and drawers positioned on both sides of the arch are wonderful. The gray marble patterned granite and ceramics applied on the floor and all the walls have been very successful and at the same time a complementary look is achieved. The positioning of the bathtub right under the window allows the view inside as it is and the light is very good. The wooden stool next to the bathtub is one of the other beautiful details used in this bathroom. In addition, the use of plants, albeit a little, was very good. It doesn’t matter if your bathrooms are large or small, but the use of plants really adds a completely different atmosphere.

Once again we see how wood and white are used to enhance the harmony. The bathtub is positioned straight ahead. It is in harmony with the marble sersmic white bathtub used on the entire wall surface. Using glass separators also cut the connection between the sinks and the bathtub, and any splashing of water was prevented. The choice of double sink is crowned with wooden texture. E┼čkanar gold detailed mirror selection was my favorite part. The use of live plants used both in the sink and at the entrance is very nice. In addition, the hexagonal granite on the ground was a good choice for this place.

This bathroom, which also designed a separate area for the shower, is well-resolved. Right next to an old-style toilet, a half wall built with rectangular ceramics and a full entrance with glass is nice. Hexagonal granites applied on the floor were a good choice for this bathroom. The selection of the sink is exactly suitable for this bathroom. A washbasin with the same details as the toilet bowl was chosen. The part reserved for the shower has also been decorated with different ceramics. In my opinion, a more complementary image would have been obtained if the ceramics used on the outside surface were used.

Bright and spacious bathroom. The white bathtub, positioned under the wood-framed window, looks amazing. The tall plant standing in the flowerpot next to it is a detail that captures and completes the view. The wicker-embroidered wooden pedestal stool standing right in front of the bathtub was the best furniture chosen for this place. It is quite logical to use the sink with drawers and cupboards as storage. The fact that the armatures used are gold is incredibly well-suited to white. In addition, the hanger hanging on the side wall of the bathtub was a good choice both different and useful.

We see a modern bathroom that does not strain the eyes. The use of double sinks and the choice of white color created a spacious and stylish look. The bathtub, which is positioned right next to the sinks, looks good. however, the ceramics used on the back wall of the tub look complicated. If a distinctly patterned ceramic was chosen in larger forms, a better design would have been created. The marble-patterned black-veined granites used on the floor are extraordinarily beautiful. The blinds used in the window both blocked the light and blocked the view.

If you have such a small bathroom and you want both a bathtub and a shower cabin, you really need to manage the space very well. As we see here, the bathtub is positioned at an angle. the shower cabin is kept in the smallest dimensions and is completely covered with glass. The daylight entering through the window makes this bathroom look more spacious than it actually is, as white tones dominate the interior. and the lemon tree in the marble flowerpot is exactly where it should be and looks magnificent.


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