17 Exclusive Modern Bathroom Decor ideas For Apartment


Pendant lights and gray ceramics are the perfect combination for a modern bathroom

Frameless shower glasses eliminate the visual boundary in a small bathroom. Since patterned or frosted shower glasses will create a wall effect, transparent glass should be preferred if possible. Thus, you will not feel stuck in a narrow space while taking a shower and your bathroom will not be visually divided. Using the same ceramic models on the floor and wall in the shower cabin as the rest of the bathroom will increase this effect even more. As we can see in the image here, ceramic in gray tones is used on all wall surfaces. mirror lighting elements and the choice of washbasins are also very suitable choices for this bathroom.


Two different wall ceramics make sense to create different spaces

The most important thing to pay attention to when decorating the bathroom should be to make a modern and minimalist design as much as possible. For this, avoid unnecessary details and exaggerated patterns. And keep your bathroom utensils organized. Under-sink storage areas are always ideal to avoid confusion. Using mirrors with furniture is also products that prevent confusion. In addition, it was a good idea to store cosmetics and shampoos while bathing in the niches used in the shower cabin.

Marble patterns are hugely popular and are the cleanest and most stylish choice for a bathroom

Reflective surfaces such as a frameless flat mirror model, clear shower glass and large-scale glossy ceramic tiles are among other modern bathroom decorating ideas. In addition, soft and natural color tones and modern bathroom furniture with clean lines will make your bathroom look much larger than it is. In addition, the materials chosen are very important when using luminaires. gold was preferred here and it was definitely a good choice.

A white bathroom without complexity and spaciousness

The most popular method that makes a place look more spacious is to use light colors. This method is also valid for modern bathrooms. By decorating a white bathroom, you can have a very spacious bathroom. Moreover, your job is very easy with bathroom ceramic and sanitary ware products where you can find all kinds of white! A magnificent bathroom can be created with a monoblock towel rack and a frameless mirror without details.

Wooden wall shelves are a very good idea for more space

Using the same ceramic on all bathroom surfaces is both more spacious and does not create eye confusion because the lines follow each other. I think it’s a good idea to use it even on the outside of the tub. The wooden niches used in the wall are quite logical for storage. a small stool became portable. portable products sometimes become a necessity in such bathrooms. Their preferences for glossy ceramic used as reflectors are quite good. A sufficiently bright space was provided with the spot lights used on the ceiling.

The bathroom with two sinks is very useful, especially in the mornings

Modern bathroom models generally consist of geometric shapes, natural colors and straight lines. You can design a modern bathroom quickly and simply by using modern bathroom cabinets, sinks and fixtures. Here we see a stylish and modern bathroom with black fixtures. The use of a frameless rectangular large mirror also ensures a more spacious and spacious bathroom. The large gray granites used on the floors are beautiful, but a more striking appearance would be achieved if the same tone of ceramics were used on the wall surfaces.

A correctly resolved bathroom creates room for spacious areas

Modern bathroom models usually have angular and geometric details. Angular lines are preferred instead of curvilinear forms in modern bathroom cabinets and sanitary ware elements. Likewise, the ceramics and tiles used are either rectangular or square. In addition, the ratio is very important, the items used must be in proportion to the shape and size of the bathroom. Using the same ceramic and granite on all surfaces is a must-have for a modern bathroom. here we see that the sink and toilet are solved in the same place. It is a good idea to place the built-in toilet and the sink by opening a niche in the wall to save space.

The harmony of wood and gray is amazing

A very modern and stylish bathroom. When the quality and elegance of wood are combined with black tone, an incredibly beautiful modern bathroom has been created. Selected sanitary ware and fixtures are very compatible with each other. The wood used on the wall surface is not a detail we can see in every bathroom. In fact, good results are obtained if used in the right place. The image is completed with a portable wooden stool. In addition, it is definitely a good idea to use large scale granite on the floor, but in tone it is not very suitable for this bathroom.

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modern bathroom design tips

To use and match two tones together

When making modern bathroom designs and decoration, natural materials such as wood and stone are generally preferred. The most common materials among modern bathroom models; marble, stone and quality wood coverings. For example, dark wood such as teak is an ideal choice for a modern and luxurious look. Or, according to your budget, you can design a quality bathroom with a sink and bathtub made of polished natural stone instead of ceramic. In addition, modern bathroom materials are generally used in their most natural form without being painted. The use of a frameless mirror, the same colors of the toilet and washbasin are very successful.

A large sink and stylish fixtures mean everything to a bathroom

Black fixtures, black sconces on the mirror, the harmony of black framed mirrors is amazing. This bathroom has all the details you would like to see in a modern bathroom. Although black is the first color that catches the eye, the uses of wood are also very successful. The use of wooden parquet on wet floors is now one of the most common and elegant details. and wood texture is also used in the under-sink cabinets. A monobock towel rack hanging from the ceiling also created a very stylish look.

The bathtub and shower alternative is always good

In this wonderful example equipped with modern materials throughout, the industrial coldness of concrete is balanced with the natural warmth of gray stone on the floor and marble sink details. There are no disturbing details in this bathroom with its extremely calm and relaxing design. Wouldn’t you like to have such a relaxing and relaxing bath that cleanses your mind from daily worries too! In addition, it is a great advantage to have both bathtub and shower cabin options. Whether you choose to take a quick shower or stay in a hot tub all day is completely up to you.

Using large mirrors and staying close to natural

A bathroom doesn’t have to look cold and sterile to be modern. You can have a warm and inviting bathroom by using natural materials such as wood and stone and warm neutral colors, as in the wonderful bathroom design here. The only thing you should be careful about is not going away from simple forms and minimalist decoration. The preference of double sinks is supported by wooden details, and the shower cabin is semi-concealed and creative details.

Wins white against black

Another common feature of modern bathroom models is the open plan, where the shower area is separated by transparent glass. Generally, the shower tray is not used, the same floor material as the rest of the bathroom is used in the shower section to provide visual integrity. Thus, the bathroom area looks wider and more spacious than it is. and room for other bathroom elements. There is enough space for the use of two sinks, as it is here. The black wall used in the background made this modern bathroom effective and stylish.

To include mosaics on the floor

Modern bathroom models often contain similar features. Although this bathroom resembles different styles at first glance, it is definitely modern. In the design, the round mirror, wooden basin and black hangers on the wall actually look very beautiful as a whole. The wooden wall behind the toilet and the wooden basin adds an organic touch that makes a difference to the decoration. The patterned granites used on the floor are the touches that complement the style of the bathroom. This modern bathroom design with white rectangular tiles has an overall masculine vibe.

The harmony of gray bricks and metallics

Alternatives such as countertop, under-counter or pedestal washbasin can be used for modern bathroom design. What matters is the shape and material of the sink. Modern washbasin models have clean geometric lines. You can create a stylish and quality look in your bathroom by choosing a natural stone or marble sink instead of ceramic. Towel hangers used in modern bathroom designs are generally invisible and minimal. As a material, you can choose a wooden or chrome hanger. A complementary image is captured with the chrome monoblock hanger used here.

Using marble on surfaces and floors is a step towards elegance

Another common feature of modern bathroom models is the open plan, where the shower area is separated by transparent glass. Usually a bathtub is not used, the same floor material as the rest of the bathroom is used here, as well as in the large detailed marble shower section, to provide visual integrity. Thus, the bathroom area looks wider and more spacious than it is. It has been a wonderful modern bathroom design where the perfect harmony of black and white and the armatures add elegance.

The separator is important to use a descriptive field

A modern bathroom can be colorful, plain, or anywhere in between. However, in order to be defined as “modern”, it has to catch up with current trends. Here, the selection of sinks and under-counter products are not very modern. But at the same time, a different perception of space was created by dividing the part where the shower cabin is located, which is a detail we are used to seeing in modern bathrooms. mirror choices also create a more spacious and deep perception suitable for a small bathroom, but it still does not have a very modern design in form and size.


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