15 Different Living Room Layout Ideas


If we do not count the times we sleep, the living room is probably the part where we spend the most time between the four walls of our house. While the other places such as the bathroom and kitchen stand out with their functions, the living room is the place where we settle to relieve the tiredness of a difficult day and its decoration is very important in this respect. The decoration of the living room, which is the main center of many activities in the house, from lying on a comfortable couch and watching movies to chatting with our guests in an intimate atmosphere, should be both pleasing to the eye and as practical and functional as possible. Of course, there are no provisions or rules about living room decoration and everyone’s living room will be shaped to their own taste. However, even if you choose everything according to your own taste, it does not mean that there are not a few factors that will make your room beautiful.

1. Set a focus
2. Color selection
3. Furniture
4. Lighting Systems


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