13 Ideas For Those Who Want To Decorate Their Bathroom In Boho Style


The boho style has been very popular as a living trend for several years now! A boho-style bathroom also looks very nice and gives you a relaxed feeling of well-being. Do you also want to implement this casual style in your bathroom? Check out our exciting bohemian bathroom ideas!

The modern boho look in the bathroom
The best thing about the Boho style is that it is very versatile and inspires with its artificial nonchalance. So you can combine stunning modern furniture with exotic ethnic details.

Putting together the boho look in the bathroom is not very difficult. Light wall tiles in white or cream colors and wooden floor tiles are the perfect cornerstone. Black and white floor tiles with Moroccan patterns, which are usually used as a contrast, are also very popular in the boho bathroom.

Boho bathroom furniture
The boho style often uses worn furniture from different eras and regions of the world. These can be vintage or flea market finds that tell their own story and give the place a unique character. For example, you can convert an antique wooden box with a sink into a bathroom piece of furniture. Complement the look with a large bathroom mirror.

A bathtub is always an eye-catcher and fits perfectly with the boho style. Use a natural wooden shelf to give a modern free-standing bathroom a boho feel.

Boho bathroom decoration
In the boho bathroom, the focus is on textures and textiles. A round jute bathrobe is an absolute favorite here. Dream catchers and hanging baskets in macram̩, towels, and carpets with fringes, baskets as wall decorations, soft pampas grass leaves Рall these elements give the bathroom a boho feel in a short time.

They even deserve a place of honor – on the windowsill, on floating wall shelves, or in hanging baskets from the ceiling. It is important to tailor the plants’ choices to the specific climatic conditions in the bathroom. Due to the high humidity, a bathroom is a good place for monocotyledons, ivy, and of course ferns. With many green plants and a shower curtain with palm leaves, you even create an urban jungle feeling in the bathroom.

white bathroom designs


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