Kids Bathroom Ideas: 13 Inspirational Sample Photos


Don’t your kids want to spend time in the bathroom? Then the advice in the photo gallery below can make your job easier. If you want them to spend more time in the bathroom, you have to make a few small touches. Please note the small details of the children’s bathrooms in the gallery. Mirrors, lighting systems, rugs, cabinets, and other accessories will help you.

Modern bathroom with pink and effective visuals

There are prominent details in this children’s bathroom. The mirror with the rabbit and the clouds cheered up the environment. but the floor in the shower part doesn’t look very safe. Maybe it would be much better if it was supported with a non-slip based material. In addition, the toilet and sink part are a little close together, it may be good to open the distance. On the other hand, the ceramics used on the floor, and the surface would be more pleasing to the eye because they are distinctive. The towel hanging side of the sink would be healthier in terms of use if it was on the opposite side. In general, it was a children’s bathroom with beautiful details that are pleasing to the eye. and in addition, the shelves used in the form of roofs were a nice detail.

Harmony of eye-catching brightness of light and colors

This children’s toilet in the attic has remarkable details. The first thing I see is the patterned curtain that closes the window halfway. curtain selection is pleasing to the eye in terms of colors inside. The ceramic in blue color used on the ground became complementary. The fact that the walls are white and the roof continues in white colors created a soft environment and added calmness. The carpet in the form of a lion placed on the floor is not very healthy for the bathroom, it is not suitable for the bathroom in terms of color and pattern and usage. In addition, the lighting used on the sink is very avant-garde. a more modern and suitable example with ceiling lighting could be used.

The big change a single color brings to the environment

In this children’s bathroom, which looks small in square meters, the position of the basin bathtub and toilet bowl is very good. The yellow color used in the wall adds depth and has been a remarkable color for children. The parquet used on the floor is a bit dark in color, but the use of parquet on wet floors is one of the most beautiful details. Cosmetics that stood at the edge of the sink created confusion, perhaps a small niche solution on the wall could ignore this problem. The ceramics used on the side of the bathtub created contrast and integrated the bathroom. The mirror used on the sink was both elegant and complementary.

The perfect combination of cheerful lettering and wood

This very spacious bathroom is beautifully designed to start the day. The ceramics used on the wall are white and the blue tone used in the cabinets looks comforting. two sinks were useful for children. The size and frame of the mirror are complementary. The parquet used on the ground was also harmonious in tone but mosaic could be preferred, it would be richer and visually more satisfying. The plain bulbs used as lighting became my favorite part. The wooden beam on the ceiling could also serve as an illuminator. The good-morning writing on the wall was exactly for the children’s bathroom. The shelves reflected from the mirror also seem complementary in shape and layout.

A modern bathroom with the harmony of neutral colors

The first black and white photo of the child in this bathroom, which has a pale color, welcomes us. The distinctive colors used on the walls are very nice. maybe a slightly different color could be used. The location of the bathtub and the use of lighting is fine. There are two sinks and stairs designed for children are the details that complete the bathroom. The bathroom tile used on the floor is also well-chosen in color and size. In addition, the bathrooms designed for children should be a little more colorful in my opinion. and maybe the size of the mirrors used could be slightly larger. The use of mirrors in bathrooms is necessary for spaciousness.

A bathroom where simplicity stands out with plain white walls

The use of plain colors in this children’s bathroom has added calmness to the environment. The size and color of ceramics used up to half the walls are fine. light-colored paint could be used on walls without ceramic, such as beige or light yellow. A unit with a cupboard or drawer would be preferred to avoid the clutter under the sink. In addition, I think the bathroom carpet used on the floor is not compatible in color and texture. The wall recess with the mirror is also good to use as a shelf. The color of the flooring used on the floor was the only true color in the bathroom.

Both stylish and modern decorated bathroom

The first detail that stands out in this bathroom is undoubtedly the mosaics used on the floor. this detail provided a more spacious environment to the bathroom. The gray tones used in the cabinets also created a contrast. I think it is amazing that the handles on the cabinets are gold. The ceramics used in the part of the sink are white and the use of only paint on the sidewall is an eye-catching but complementary finish. Lighting on the mirror was not preferred for the bathroom. In addition, the curtain used in the window would be whole if preferred in the shades of blue used in the mirror.

A cheerful visual with wallpapers highlighted

It is fine that the ceramics used on the floor and part of the wall are white. The choice of wallpaper has been remarkable for children. the window used for ventilation would have been better without a curtain. The cabinets used under and beside the sink have been very useful. The choice of mirror and chandelier is not suitable for this bathroom. more modern products could be chosen as lighting. The faucet selected for the sink was also chosen in bronze, if there were other products to complement it, the bathroom would be integrated.

It is possible to change the atmosphere of your bathroom with colorful tiny wall figures

It is very nice for the light to enter the daylight inside. Fish wall stickers used at the entrance and inside were interesting for children. For the towels hanging at the entrance, a closed cupboard could be made. Although the wall colors remain a little faded, they are completed with tiles used on the floor. The green tone used in the curtains added color to the bathroom, I think it should be a little bit colorful. and in addition, cabinets under the sink are a good choice to avoid clutter. Small shelves hanging on the wall also look beautiful in decorative.

It is a good idea to use Natural Materials for the walls and to choose modern complements

a modern designed children’s bathroom. the mirrors are beveled and their size adds relief. Although the wooden wallpaper used on the wall is not very suitable for modern design, it does not stand out. Sockets on the door side had to be mounted a little higher. It would not be right to use a socket close to the battery in a bathroom used by children. The ceramics used on the floor have completed this bathroom both in color and shape. This bathroom, whose main colors are black and white, looks so spacious that it is designed without the need to add another color.

The old style ceramics used on the wall and floor provide integrity

A spacious bathroom that absorbs the daylight as it is. has a calm and peaceful visual. The fact that the ceramics used in the wall and floor in the shower cabin are exactly the same was the finisher in design. Although the blue tone and the patterns on ceramics evoke old structures, they did not prevent modern perception. Although the sink is somewhat reminiscent of the tub form, the use of dual faucets is still a very good choice. In addition, the mirror used is a good unit for this bathroom. The chrome-plated towel rack could be preferred closer to the sink as a location.

A cute shower curtain can change the whole ambiance of a bathroom

A bathroom with interesting details for children. But the use of bathtub curtains has not been a very good choice in terms of hygiene. a shower cabin could be made and the ceramics used in the interior could consist of animal figures. The green tone used on the wall is in the background. Frames hanging on the wall could contain some more color. Although the sink detail does not appear much, the selection of cupboards is fine to avoid confusion. I think the ceramics used on the floor and in the shower are in the same tones, making it a good choice for this eye strain.

A cozy and comfortable bathroom decorated in a rustic style

Using a shower curtain in a bathroom with a high ceiling height is not a very suitable choice in terms of hygiene. There is no use of ceramics in the part of the bathtub, I think this flat look covered in the wall with the material used in the bathtub added simplicity. The tiles used on the floor are also chosen small in size. On the contrary, if larger tiles were preferred, a more spacious environment would be achieved. and bath rugs have become very unsuitable products here. The soft colors used in the bathroom are compatible with the counter selected on the sink.


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