11 Black Luxury And Modern Bathroom Design Tips


Break the calm in your walls

When the nobility of black color is combined with gold details, a perfect image is obtained as in this design. the right wall has a rock form and the sinks are dissolved in that rock-shaped wall. It’s really incredibly beautiful. It is also very good that the lighting is resolved around the mirror on the rock-shaped wall. Likewise, the mirror is also placed in this form. The monochromatic leaving and simplicity of the tub looks amazing. the built-in reservoir is a product we want to see in a modern bathroom. In addition, the color used on the wall on the window part is not complementary to this modern bathroom.

A warm look at black marble

There are many details that catch the eye in this jet black modern bathroom. Marble ceramics with large details, first used on the wall. These ceramics were a little too overwhelmed, both their brightness and the details of the marble passing through them were too much. But other than that, all the details are very nice. The position and color of the bathtub, the position and solution of the sink seem fine. hidden lights used in the ceiling illuminate the modern bathroom sufficiently.

Make creative attention-grabbing spaces with metallic color

Metallic colors used in combination with black tones stand out in this modern bathroom. The tiles used on the floor are ideal for this bathroom in terms of size, form and color. The fact that the bathtubs and sinks were chosen white added both color and elegance. In addition, metallic apparatuses with a towel look really amazing. Its formal and bathroom fit is very good. As if the use of 2 mirrors was a bit too much, a much better view would be obtained if they were used only on the sink. and the lighting used on the mirror adds a very nice and stylish look.

Add color to black using lighting

This modern bathroom, which we see right next to the bedroom, has very black colors. The spots on the ceiling and the spots used under the sink, the bathroom is well lit. The location and solution of the shower cabin is very good and the different shower heads used inside seem comfortable for the user. The used cabinet under the sink and the empty shelf in between are nice. Finishing the mirror with a sink is also pretty good. In addition, maybe a different shade of black could be used on the wall with the shower cabin, and a distinctive look would be obtained.

Give the black marble a try in your bathroom

Marble is a very popular product lately we can see in all the details of homes. but especially its use in the bathroom brings out really magnificent details. as we see in this modern bathroom. The combination of the bathtub with the floor and the detail of the stairs on the side is very nice. It was used in a useful place for accessories used in the place left behind the bathtub. It is very nice that the sinks are complete with walls and marble details. In addition, I think having two sinks in the bathrooms is a very good solution for the user. The lighting used inside looks good enough.

Separate the shower area from the sinks

A modern bathroom with striking details. The marble details used in the shower cabin wall are very good. Preferably, it would be better if the shower cabin is completely closed. An unfinished glass separator is used here. Two separate sinks and shelves with metal details left underneath are very nice and the use of sinks in their mirrors separately adds a very nice image. The tiles used on the floor are a bit out of modern design. An even more striking modern bathroom appearance could be obtained by using larger format tiles. hidden lighting has always been my favorite, and here it is very nice to be used behind the mirror.

Use small gray mosaics in your showers

Using different ceramics on both the surface and the ground as a descriptor, it was a very creative solution. In the part of the shower cabin, white tiles are used on the floor and gray-black tones are used on the wall and the other area is divided by a glass separator. The selection of the sink in wooden tones adds both a color and an elagant appearance. Although the accessories used on a small coffee table do not look very useful, they are a nice detail visually. I think the pendant lighting used in the sink is not a very suitable choice for the bathroom. Perhaps a hidden lighting could be used behind the mirror or it could be supported by spotlights on the ceiling.

Large mirrors are always an advantage

The black ceramics on the wall are complementary to the preference of black for the toilet bowl. The tiles in white tones used on the floor provide a distinctive appearance, and sometimes small areas in scale can create a spacious environment with different tones on the floor. It is very nice that the sink is preferred with cupboard and the mirror is a flat form. If the shower cabin is dissolved in the corner, it may be the first step in this bathroom. In addition, it is fine to use the toilet as a shelf and complete with accessories.

Cubic forms and one color create a comfortable environment

We are faced with this very simply designed modern bathroom. The location of the tub is quite good. a large area is left as a shower. In my opinion, a distinctive floor texture could be added or a separator could be used. There is a need for a distinctive product or texture in this bathroom as there are too many same forms and same tones used. The metallic accessories used added some color and light.

You can try any shade of black

This small modern bathroom has been solved very well and beautiful products are preferred in terms of color and form. The large form ceramics used on the wall and the color selection are very successful. It is very nice that the sink is in a rectangular form and the mirror continues in the same way, adding integrity. The use of built-in reservoirs in such small bathrooms always benefits from space. In addition, the light colored tiles used on the floor added freshness to this area.

Complete the wood color with black color

All the details used in this modern bathroom with integrity are in place and as they should be. It is very nice to connect the wooden counter to which the sink is attached to the wall. The separation of the shower cabin with a glass separator tells us that the transition was made to a different area. The hidden lighting and spots used are quite good. It is very successful to choose the sink in gray-black tones used inside. The fact that there is a single floor, that is, there is no separate surface in the shower cabin, may be the only negative part. but overall a creative modern bathroom is designed.


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